Syma X12 Mini 6-Axis Gyro 4-Ch RC Quadcopter on Amazon

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Syma Save via Amazon offers the Syma X12 Mini Nano 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channel RC Quadcopter (RED) for $18.20, In-cart with free shipping.

· I fly this on high speed mode and find syma x12s mini drone to be great indoors, and fully comes alive outdoors.
· The yaw rate is slower than the CX-10, but can be overcome by adding equal or harder aileron (left-right on right stick) in addition to the direction of yaw (left-right on left stick). Practice that and you'll soon have it banking high speed from opposing walls in an 's' pattern. Add a little throttle in the turn to keep it at a consistent height.
· The low voltage indicators come on late, but you can feel a hint of sluggishness near the end of the flight and bring it back home safely. If you think the battery is low and want to fly it back safely from high elevation outdoors, I'd recommend reducing throttle, give it a little yaw in either direction, and some forward elevator to bring it down in a controlled spiral pattern. It won't then have to fight the vortex ring state/downwash if you bring it straight down with a near-empty battery.
· The Syma X12 Mini flips are acceptable with a good battery charge. Not as tight as the CX-10, but it's easier to do multiple flips in succession.

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