HP Spectre Pro x360 G2 Laptop For $644.15

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The HP Specter x360 is a 360-degree reversible variant introduced by HP. HP Specter x360 upgrade this product, the new product model for the Specter Pro x360 G2, mainly on the configuration of the upgrade. Spectre Pro x360 G2 usually looks like a traditional laptop, through the touch screen and double hinge mechanism so that it is a more similar to the plate control mode. The newHP Spectre Pro x360 G2 2-in-1 Laptop - 13.3" FHD (1920x1080) Touchscreen | Core i5-6300U | 128GB SSD | 8GB | Webcam | Windows 10 Professional 64 bit | Silver is equipped with the Windows 10 operating system, positioning more inclined to business office experience.

On the design and workmanship Spectre Pro x360 let us see the HP in the product process design on some new breakthroughs on the alloy material processing technology to get careful and meticulous, carefully look will find the interface part of the outer metal frame are also After polishing and cutting the sharp part, the overall showing a rounded and smooth design.
HP Specter Pro x360 overall appearance gives a very sense of texture, this is because the machine uses all-metal body design. Aluminum alloy material to the Specter Pro x360 brings a better visual and tactile experience, from the process and design point of view is one of Unibody forming category, the screen and the fuselage are made of a piece of aluminum stamping cut, the edge is very delicate , Especially the shaft part of the arc design and the surrounding lap of the wire processing, touch feel very smooth.

As we all know, metal can shield Wi-Fi and other wireless signals, all-metal body for notebook computers is a favorable and disadvantages of the design, the reason lies in this. HP Specter Pro x360 is a gap in the top of the roof, the Wi-Fi antenna will be placed with this and filled with the same color plastic metal, the whole is the same as the design of the Wi-Fi signal, Not hurt beauty.
Display, the HP Specter Pro x360 with 13.3 inches 1920 × 1080 resolution IPS wide viewing angle display, and is fully compliant mirror touch screen design, visual experience with a transparent, delicate and so on. But the screen frame is a bit wide, though not hurt the big ya, but in the pursuit of narrow border era is indeed some "heavy." HP Specter Pro x360 equipped with the fifth generation of intelligent Intel Core i7 6600U dual-core processor, and installed a single 8GB DDR3L memory, hard drive machine equipped with flash Di 512GB SSD solid state hard drive, graphics card is used core graphics HD520.

HP Specter Pro x360 shaft damping control is more good, one hand open and close the screen without pressure. After opening the screen we can see the machine's keyboard design is different from the traditional products, mainly keyboard keycap color and the entire keyboard surface integration. Looked at the silver panel and black keycap with the product after the HP Specter Pro x360 silver keycap will have a trace of new feeling.Keyboard surface is easy for one of the colors with Specter Pro x360 is more unique and uncompromising, revealing some retro atmosphere. Button touch, HP Specter Pro x360 key button longer, rebound is more gentle, the overall input experience more comfortable. In addition to dyed silver in addition to silver, but also joined the backlight function, while the surface of the skin coating provides a better touch comfort.
The forbidden button and the case lock key are individually designed with indicator lights for easy access. Keyboard area with a concave design, but also makes the keycap and the fuselage panel in the same horizontal line, but also to avoid the situation of the press screen, and in this side can not find the power switch and function keys. Touchpad, the HP Specter Pro x360 continues the new ENVY series of large strip design, providing a large touch area while the plexiglass panel provides a smooth touch experience.

Interface, the HP Specter Pro x360 can be said to be fully equipped. First look at the left side of the fuselage, from left to right followed by the power interface, cooling the outlet, a support shutdown USB3.0 interface, with the power button and a multi-card reader.

Turn to look at the right side of the fuselage, from left to right in turn is used to flip the mode of the Windows key, volume adjustment button, a Mini-DisplayPort video output interface, an HDMI high-definition interface, two support shutdown USB3.0 interface As well as a headset microphone combo interface.
HP Spectre Pro x360 G2 2-in-1 Laptop - 13.3" FHD (1920x1080) Touchscreen | Core i5-6300U | 256GB SSD | 8GB | Webcam | Windows 10 Professional 64 bit | Silver interface is rich and the layout is more reasonable, it is worthy of recognition. The machine is equipped with three USB3.0 interface and two video output interface, providing a better expansion of the output function. As for the VGA interface is not equipped with RJ-45 wired Ethernet interface, this is a compromise of the fuselage thinning, can be achieved through the transfer, although not enough flawed, but not equipped with regret.

If you want to find an HP Specter Pro x360 body interesting design, that shaft can be regarded as a, Specter Pro x360 with a flip screen design, which is the test shaft resistance to the place. First look at the appearance of the shaft, the metal material and the surface chrome polished, in the overall class of sandblasting texture of the body is particularly dazzling, very few such a bright shaft, it seems to see the shadow of the OMEN series.

Shaft damping As mentioned earlier, you can easily open and close the screen with one hand, while also supporting a variety of modes of use, including notebook mode, flat mode, tents and standing mode. In fact, the flip screen design is more to the development of handheld experience, after the flip is more suitable for hand-held control.HP Specter Pro x360 is not Intel Core D platform products, naturally not a fanless design of the notebook. At the bottom of the fuselage we can clearly see a row of air inlet, if this is a fanless product, then the bottom of the design will be more smooth and simple.

On the use of the four modes in this simple description: Notebook use pattern in line with our traditional habits, while 100% compatible with a new generation of Microsoft Office office applications and backward compatible with the original application, which is very important for the office crowd; the LCD screen The 315 ° flip can be turned into standing mode, the biggest advantage of this model is to save space, and adjust the viewing angle is more free, more suitable for use in crowded environments and need to be placed.
After turning the screen 360 °, the HP Specter Pro x360 turns into a tablet with a large screen. Entertainment interaction is the most popular application of Tablet PC features. At the same time the model is suitable for two or more people to participate in the game, leisure time can also be used to send microblogging, view the weather, search the map, more suitable for holding, finger sliding, click operation easier.
Tent mode is equivalent to the addition of a bracket of the ordinary Tablet PC, thanks to the HP Specter Pro x360 solid shaft design, tent mode actually experience very solid, the two planes form a solid triangular structure, and the market on the popular Tablet PC Different support, tent support is entirely dependent on the deformation of the product itself to complete the angle, so the user at the time of viewing, do not worry too much about its stability, the model also applies to the crowded environment.

HP Specter Pro x360 equipped with the fifth generation of intelligent Intel Core i7 6600U dual-core processor, and install a single 8GB DDR3L memory, the hard disk with the Intel 180GB SSD solid state hard drive, graphics card is the core graphics HD 5500.Intel Core i7 6600U processor is Skylake platform products, based on 14nm process, using dual-core design and support Hyper-Threading to 4 threads, the default clocked at 2.6GHz and support Core frequency to 3.4GHz, 3 cache 4MB, TDP 15W.

Processor performance, we use two series of test software CINEBENCH its performance test, the results are for reference only. First of all, in the CINEBENCH R11.5 test, the processor multi-core 3.51 points, single core 1.57 points, the same mobile platform processor mid-range level. Finally in the CINEBENCH R15 test, the processor multi-core obtained 315cb, single-core 136cb, the processor single test results the surface of the processor located in the mobile platform processor mid-range models.
HP Specter Pro x360 equipped with flash Di 512GB SSD, continuous reading speed reached 471.11MB / s, while the continuous write speed is 281.81MB / s, the other 4K random speed 29.31MB / s, the total score of 760. For the hard disk performance we use AS SSD Benchmark to carry out the final test results for reference only.

HP Specter Pro X360 CPU stability in the 1Ghz or so, the temperature control at 64 degrees; GPU frequency control in the 600Mhz, because it is SOC, stability is also 64 degrees up and down.
HP Specter Pro x360 as an upgrade for the full play of the performance of the sixth generation Core platform, 360-degree rotation design is the biggest highlight of the machine. Specter Pro 360 variable use mode, support four different screen angle switch, which includes notebook mode, tablet mode, standing mode and tent mode, the user only need to do some simple adjustment, HP Specter Pro x360 immediately It will be the most appropriate way to use with the user to operate, the business presentation is very meaningful.

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I like my new HP Specter Pro X360, It has the memory, speed and versatility that I needed.

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hp ENVY 13 MX150 with Discrete graphics, hp envy 13 amazon to buy.

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