Piaya Ube Flats start at P31.50 per Piece

*Valid until June 30, 2023

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Bring home some joy with these exciting treats from BongBongs Piaya and Barquillos!

Their Piaya Ube Flats combine the taste of muscovado (raw) sugar and a distinct ube (purple yam) flavor!

Get them in these packs:

Piaya Ube Flats 10's
* P59 per piece
* P1,770 for 30 pieces

Piaya Ube Flats 5's
* P31.50 per piece
* P1,890 for 60 pieces

Shelf life is 45 days. Grab these treats at any SM Branch of BongBongs Piaya and Barquillos today!


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