Firefly Rechargeable Fan with Night Light

*Valid until October 31, 2022

Promo Details

  • Product Dimension: 28.2x10x23cm
  • Made of Plastic
  • Input Voltage : 5V DC
  • Rated Power : 7 watts
  • Battery Type : 3.7V 1.8AH Lithium -Ion Battery with CID*, PRV**, PTC***
  • Charging Time : 4 Hours
  • Fan Usage Duration: 6hrs (Low) 3hrs (Mid) 2hrs (High)
  • Lamp Usage Duration: 80hrs (Low) 20hrs (High)
  • *CID (Current Interrupt Device) : Protects the Cells under overcharged conditions
  • **PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) : Prevents excessive pressure buildup when the battery is being charged, and      automatically resealed once the pressure is released.
  • ***PTC ( Positive Temperature Coefficient) : Protects the Cell under external short conditions.
  • Color: Grey

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