Bumbum Facial and RF Sexy Radiance Service

*Valid until June 30, 2023

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Put your best butt forward in an instant with the Pink Parlour's Bumbum Facial and RF Sexy Radiance! This luxurious treatment gives you perfectly smooth and toned booty that you can finally be proud to show off. Plus, it’s easy and painless – giving a non-surgical lift in minutes.

Pink Parlour's trained technicians use several techniques to address skin issues on your backside, from dryness to flakiness, loss of elasticity to firmness and inflammation. They pinch, massage, exfoliate, mask and brush the skin for maximum results and extract any dirt or impurities clogged up in your pores.

So if you’re looking for a surefire way to get gorgeous buttocks fast without going under the knife, count on Pink Parlour's Bum Bum Facial and RF Sexy Radiance and enjoy P799 Off when you book your first trial. Just use code: BUMBUMTRIAL upon booking.

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