Don’t Miss Out On These 5 Beauty Treatment Deals In Philippines From SM


The demands of daily life can get pretty stressful and outright affect beauty, skin, and health. So if you’re looking for ways to destress and rejuvenate, then it might be time for you to pamper yourself. But let’s admit it, getting dolled up and maintaining a beauty regimen can take a huge chunk of the budget. Don’t worry! Your “me time” doesn’t have to break the bank. We did the legwork to curate a list of the best beauty treatment deals in the Philippines you can score from SM Supermalls today! 

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Deals for You


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Here is a list of some of the awesome deals featured beauty treatment deals in the Philippines you can score today. As SM Malls Online App exclusives, all you have to do is download the app, sign in, and enjoy all the discounts waiting for you. Hurry because you definitely deserve it!

Save Your Time Prepping Up With Eyelash Extensions

Do you wish you could wake up everyday with long and full eyelashes? Are you tired of spending time applying mascara and curling every day? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! There’s no better and easier way to wake up with longer lashes and enhance your natural beauty than with lash extensions! Score a lash extension promo from Lavish Lashes Extension Salon at SM Supermalls!  

Have Smoother Skin With Warts Removal Treatment 

Warts are small skin growths that are rough to touch. Want to have smoother and lighter skin that’s free from warts? Modern warts removal treatments are painless and effective! What are you waiting for? Confidently flaunt your warts-free skin by booking a Warts Removal Treatment appointment at Bioessence branches in SM Supermalls. 

Say Good To Dark Underarms Caused By Shaving With Underarm Whitening  

Sometimes, the skin on the underarm can turn into a darker shade. This can be caused by plenty of factors such as shaving, plucking, accumulation of dead skin, and even your choice of deodorant. Dark underarms are not usually a cause of worry, but for many people, this can be a source of embarrassment and insecurity — especially during crop top and swimsuit season. While there are plenty of non-proven methods to lighten underarms out there, you would be glad to find one that provides offer a more effective solution!  

Get rid of unwanted dark underarms and gain more confidence by booking an Underarm Whitening Treatment from Dermstrata. This non-invasive whitening treatment uses pulse lights to diminish skin discolorations. Leave the task of lightening your dark underarms to the skin experts! Now you can put your hands up as high as you can every time. 

Enjoy All Kinds Of Pampering In A One-Stop Place 

After working or studying so hard for weeks, you deserve to be pampered. And the best part is, you don’t have to search far and wide to get all the pampering services you need. 

Need to look and feel good today? Indulge in the complete Pampering Packages from Ayumi! Enjoy full diva lashes, gel manicure, pedicure, relaxing foot spas, and more. 

Rejuvenate Your Mind and Soul By Heading To A Local Spa 

Wait! Before you go and work hard for the week ahead once again, don’t forget to take the time to detoxify and destress by heading to your local spa in SM Supermalls.

Spa treatments offer complete relaxation — both physically and mentally. Spas offer massages, facials, body and all kinds of body treatments. Of course, sitting in a sauna or even getting a Shiatsu massage can do wonders for your well-being. It can improve your mood, eliminate toxins, relieve body tension, and make you feel invigorated. 

Switch Up Your Style With A New Haircut 

Always wanted to achieve that cute bob or curtain bang hairstyle? What about the wolf cut that everyone’s been raving about on social media? This is a sign to switch up your style and get a fresh haircut. Score a Hair Treatment from David’s For Rever for less! Enjoy professional styling services and get pampered like no other.   

Get A Moisturizer For Beautiful Skin

Your skin goes through a lot on a daily basis. Overnight, your skin is at its driest phase and its barrier is damaged. As you’re about to head out the door, your skin will face a free radical environment filled with things like UV, air pollution, and toxins. When you arrive home, it is loaded with oils. This is why it’s important to have a skincare routine. 

If you’re new to skincare, you can start with the most basic products like a cleanser, toner, exfoliator, serum, and sunscreen. Of course, NEVER forget about your moisturizer! 

Moisturizing everyday keeps the skin balanced. Applying a moisturizer reduces changes of extreme skin dryness as well as extreme skin oiliness. Both of these are bad for skin and are the common causes of skin problems like acne. 

If you need a no-fail moisturizer choice, try the Drop of Youth Cream from the Body Shop. Made from edelweiss, criste marine, sea holly, and moringa seed oil, it leaves the skin with a velvety-soft finish. 

What We Love About This Moisturizer: It is a lightweight moisturizer that takes effect in both hot and cold climates. It is non-greasy and has a very light scent as well.