Your Fur Baby Deserves Some Christmas Treats, Too, And You Can Get Them For Less Right Now


If you have a beloved dog or cat keeping you company at home, you probably want to spoil them rotten over the holidays, so you’ll need to stock up on treats and nibbles. And why not? They’re family after all. But taking a trip down the virtual pet aisle can be overwhelming—there’s no shortage of options in the market.

To help you narrow down your choices, we carefully handpicked six snacks and chews that come highly recommended for your furry friends. Going for up to 17% off this month, they can be great incentives for your pooch and cats, especially when they’re on their best behavior or when they’ve learned a new trick or command. 

Just remember though that treats aren’t a substitute for a healthy and balanced meal; snacks should only account for a maximum of 10% of your fur baby’s calorie intake, otherwise, they could unbalance their diet and potentially harm their overall health. So, a word to the wise out there. 

That said, here are our top treat options that’ll wow your pals and impress even the pickiest eaters. 

Pooch picks

Pedigree Dentastix

The brand Dentastix is synonymous to good oral treats so it’s just natural and obvious that this is on our list. 

These tooth sticks (as we’d like to fondly call them at home) support gum health, help reduce tartar buildup, and clean hard-to-reach teeth, thanks to their unique x-shape and abrasive and chewy texture. Each dog ‘toothpick’ comes with active ingredients like zinc sulphate and STPP (sodium tripolyphosphate) that helps keep it fresher for longer. 

Get a pack of Pedigree Dentastix Small 5 to 10kg Dog Treats 7s 110g at 10% off—now only P107.78 from P119.75. Recommended feeding’s one stick per day only for small-sized pups weighing five to 10kg. 

Inaba Churu Bites Chicken Wraps Cheese Dog Treats

Reward your doggo with bite-sized, baked goodies from Inaba. These nibbles are made with chicken, cheese, and creamy Churu filling and contain no grains, artificial colors, and preservatives. Since they’re super soft and malleable, they’re ideal for taking together with your dog’s medications. 

If your pooch loves cheese (as much as we do), shop for the Inaba Churu Bites Chicken Wraps Cheese Dog Treats 12gx8 pack for only P199 (before P239) at 17% off. 

Inaba Churu Bites Chicken Wraps Salmon Dog Treats 

This is a variation of the chicken and cheese treat mentioned above, but each bite-sized treat’s made with chicken and salmon plus a creamy Churu filling. 

We recommend this flavor for doggos that can’t get enough of protein or those that have a special taste for fish. This one’s also 17% off at P199 (from P239) per pack of Inaba Churu Bites Chicken Wraps Salmon Dog Treats 12gx8

Feline fare

Inaba Juicy Bites Tuna and Chicken Cat Treats

Seasoned with natural flavors, Inaba’s Juicy Bites are moist, bite-sized nibbles of soft tuna and chicken. They’re also crafted with green tea extract and vitamin E and made without grains, preservatives, and artificial colors so they’re pretty safe for your kitties. 

At 10% off (now P107.10 from P119), each package  of Inaba Juicy Bites Tuna and Chicken Cat Treats 3s 11.3g includes three individual treat packs to maintain freshness. Bonus: Each treat pack has two fun shapes in two different flavors to keep your feline friends happy and satisfied.

Ciao Churutto Stick Maguro Scallop Cat Treats 

Shop this treat if you want an all-rounder that’s ideal for all life stages of your cat. Each seven-gram pack of four retails at 165 off right now—that’s just P100 from its original sticker price of P119. 

The same discounted price goes for the Ciao Churutto Stick Torisasami Scallop Cat Treats 7gx4 variant. Both scallop-shaped treats contain vitamin E, which acts an antioxidant that helps reduce debilitating conditions like arthritis and allergies. 

They’re also fortified with green tea to help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well as provide dental support for healthier teeth and gums. We suggest refrigerating these cat sticks right after opening and serving them as soon as possible (before their expiry date, of course) for optimum freshness.