Which Klean Kanteen Is Perfect For You?


By now we all know how essential reusable water bottles are on a daily basis. These nifty hydration companions come in handy even when you’re just chilling at home—and become even more significant if your body’s working doubly hard during a run or a hike. 

But with the sea of options out there, picking up the right one for your hydration habits and lifestyle can be a challenge. There are lots of innovative features to consider and take in—it can be a bit overwhelming. An ideal workaround’s going for a brand that’s already well-known for producing excellent reusable water bottles, like Klean Kanteen. 

Here’s why it’s worth considering going “Klean”: All their products are reusable and totally BPA-free, and if you’re thinking about your carbon footprint, their steel is certified 90% post-consumer recycled. Plus, their designs are built to perform wherever you choose to use them. 

Built with love

Klean Kanteen started its story back in Chico, California in 2004, the first year they sold BPA-free stainless-steel bottles, figuring some folks would be into them. 

“Today, reusable water bottles and coffee mugs are everywhere. Klean Kanteen has become an international brand and has inspired dozens of other companies to make reusable stainless-steel products. We don’t mind. When it comes to kicking plastic, we’re all in this together,” the brand writes on their site. 

These days, Klean Kanteen remains a family- and employee-owned company for this simple reason—that the brand and their products, from the very beginning, are built with love, besides being built to last.

Each Klean Kanteen insulated bottle or tumbler comes with a Klean Coat®, a chip-resistant and durable finish that’s specifically crafted to keep up with your lifestyle. They’ve also designed their insulated bottles so your drinks stay cold up to a mind-blowing 145 hours and hot for up to 47, thanks to their trademarked Climate Lock insulation.

Picking the right one

For those on the lookout for a hydration buddy or who have been eyeing a Klean Kanteen, the question remains: “How do I choose?”

We’re breaking them down into their varying sizes to make it easier for you to narrow things down. All you have to do is determine your water consumption each day alongside your lifestyle requirements. 

16oz (473ml)

TKWide with Café Cap in Buttercup

Designed with versatility in mind, this variant’s a coffee tumbler, mug, insulated cup, and water bottle—all in one sunny Buttercup powder finish. Have a comfy sip through its TK Closure™ internal thread design with a smooth, rounded lip. If you’re a coffee lover, get this one for its leak-proof Café Cap with an easy-carry swivel loop at P1,850. Its Climate Lock™ tech keeps contents hot up to 14 hours and iced up to 47. 

Insulated Tumbler with Straw Lid in Emerald Bay

This one comes with a straw lid, including a steel straw with matching silicone in Emerald Bay and retails for P1,850. It’s meant to keep your drinkables hot up to four hours and iced up to 20 hours—making it an ideal go-to stainless steel tumbler at home or in the office. What we love: Its straw lid’s splash-resistant and compatible with any of their reusable straws. 

20oz (591ml)

TKWide with Café Cap in Melon Punch

A slightly bigger version of the TKWide in Buttercup, this one comes in bright Melon Punch. If a 16-ounce bottle just won’t do for your sipping needs, opt for this one for P2,050. It can keep your drinks hot up to 17 hours and cold for up to 63 hours. 

Classic Insulated with Loop Cap in Black

Based on Klean Kanteen’s stainless steel bottle, this sports double-wall vacuum insulation, keeping your drinkables hot for 24 hours and iced for 63. This is the brand’s flagship product and one of its bestsellers. The opening’s wide enough for ice chips or cubes. If you want an identifiable Klean product, scoop this up for P2,150. 

32oz (942ml)

TKWide with Chug Cap in Marigold

Need something heftier? We recommend springing for this wide-mouth bottle paired with a wide spout for P2,750. It’s actually designed for staying hydrated during sporting and outdoor activities. This comes especially handy when you want to quickly replenish (and chug) lost fluids in between intense physical sessions, clocking in at almost one liter. The best thing about it? It can keep your water iced or cold up to 66 hours! 

TKWide with Loop Cap in Neo Mint

TBH, this insulated bottle reminds us of ‘zen’ spa treatments and yoga sessions, thanks to its mint hue that evokes calm and tranquility. This version’s practically the same as the Marigold colorway except for its loop cap, which creates a full stainless-steel interior. The result? An increased thermal performance that keeps your drinks hot up to a full day or iced up to 83 hours. 

40oz (1.18L)

Wide with Wide Loop Cap in Brushed Stainless

Lightweight but can carry up to one liter—this non-insulated, single-wall iteration’s ideal for adventurers who are always on the go. This sports an extra wide mouth to fill with ice (also ice chest-friendly!) and includes a leak-proof wide loop cap with a swivel loop. Note that this chugger doesn’t come with a chip-resistant Klean coat finish, but a brushed stainless polish instead—a little more outdoors-y and rugged. It retails for P2,350. 

Pro tip: Don’t make the rookie mistake of ignoring regular water breaks whatever you’re up to. The simple act of owning a reusable water bottle’s a perfect visual reminder to hydrate more. 

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