Typing 101: 7 Tips to Type Like a Pro with Must-Have Mechanical Keyboards


How many words per minute can you type?

As we live and breathe the era of laptops and computers, typing has become quite a no-brainer for most of us. It’s safe to say that it’s part of our daily lives whether we’re students finishing an essay online, gamers having the match of our lives, employees accomplishing deliverables, or parents planning a quick family getaway.

Naturally, we can increase our typing speed and accuracy even just a bit as we get used to it over time. Of course, intentionally taking this skill to the next level not only gives you more things to be proud of but also boosts your productivity and gets the job done as fast as possible.

To be more comfortable with typing, a mechanical keyboard that suits your preferences is a must-have. No doubt that this isn’t merely a cool peripheral device to have, but it contributes to a delightful typing experience given the sounds and feeling it produces with every click.

To get you started, here are 7 tried-and-tested tips alongside a few mechanical keyboards that we suggest you check out to boost your typing speed and accuracy. Let’s get typing, folks!

Be familiar with your keyboard

Leveling up your typing skills kickstarts with first familiarizing yourself with the different keys on your keyboard, especially as there are special keys for capitalization and certain punctuation marks. Knowing where each letter in the alphabet is positioned on the keyboard is certainly an advantage to speed up your typing with minimal to no errors.

Make it a point to observe the placements from time to time and test the special keys to get a good grasp of them too.

If you’re looking for the ideal mechanical keyboard to be familiar with, try out the Glorious GMMK2 RGB (GLO-GMMK2-96-FOX-B) Prebuilt Linear Mechanical Keyboard (Black) from PC Express.

This fully assembled compact computer accessory has a 65% layout size with pre-lubed Glorious Fox Linear Switches. That said, you can hear satisfying thocks when using this mechanical keyboard. As a cherry on top, the side lights and backlighting on each key bring great amusement as you try to acquaint yourself with using it.

Take your eyes off your keyboard and hands

Let’s be honest, starting our pursuit of brushing up on our typing speed and accuracy always includes looking closely at the keyboard to ensure that our fingers click the right key. It’s an innocent mistake, but more often than not, it slows you down and puts your typing on pause or worse, a freeze.

Touch typing or the knack to type without staring or glancing at your keyboard is not just impressive but is vital when aiming for better typing rate and precision. Instead of relying on sight, go for feeling your mechanical keyboard which is why it’s imperative to be comfortable and familiar with it.

Mastering touch typing entails that you assign each finger to specific keys for an easier and more systematic way of keeping the keycap positioning in mind. Practically speaking, your left hand is commonly dedicated to keys “ASDF” while your right is for “JKL.”

Observe proper posture when typing

Your ten fingers are not the only ones doing the work when you’re typing, but it takes most of your entire body in order to type precisely and quickly.

First things first, sit up straight with your feet flat on the ground and place your screen at a height that you’re comfortable with. Bend your elbows following a 90-degree angle while ensuring that your wrists, shoulders, and arms are in a relaxed position. Make it a habit to maintain this posture as it benefits you in the long run by preventing any strains to arise.

In addition, it’s a must to apply this typing position when enjoying the features that Tecware B68+ 3-Mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Gateron Yellow Switch) (Light Keycaps) displays. Feel free to check it out at Datablitz and be prepared for a smooth typing experience thanks to its Gateron Mechanical Switches.

Typing has never felt silkier and more natural than this, so take a shot at this if you’re up for that kind of vibe. Let’s not forget that this mechanical keyboard also allows you to connect in three different ways: wireless (USB-A), wired (USB-C), and Bluetooth!

Type slowly but surely as a starter

The key to typing as fast as you can is by nailing each word correctly, so focus on precision when you’re starting out. It doesn’t matter if you type slower than your peers as long as you’re entering the right words and punctuation marks necessary. Going back and retyping misspelled words will slow you down even more, so steer clear of typing hastily to the point that accuracy is compromised.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll eventually speed up bit by bit, so take it easy!

In the market for a mechanical keyboard perfect as a great companion to achieve your typing goals?

Make your way to a Digital Walker branch today and take a look at the ASUS ROG Falchion Blue Switches Wireless Gaming Keyboard. It’s wireless and convenient enough to carry along and maximize everywhere you go.

Glancing over to its side, you’ll see an interactive touch panel that allows you to adjust the volume and create keyboard shortcuts of your liking. That’s not all; this mechanical keyboard also has Aura Sync RGB lighting, paving the way for you to choose from 10 dynamic lighting effects when typing or gaming.

Rest and take breaks every so often

We all want to improve our typing speed and accuracy, but don’t sacrifice rest for it. It’s good to stand up from your desk chair, take short breaks, and walk around from time to time.

Keeping your eyes off the screen or any gadget for a few minutes is essential for avoiding eye strain. Eye fatigue is very common given that we’re hyper-focused on our laptops and computers when typing, so it’s best to do everything you can to mitigate its risks.

Aside from that, our hands can also feel discomfort after typing for hours. Make it a point to stretch and relax your hands to keep them limber.

Prioritize comfort when organizing your typing setup

Comfort plays a huge role in boosting your typing skills. This entails being comfortable with your individual gadgets, peripherals, and even your entire typing setup.

Be careful in selecting a computer or desk chair as it supports your back through the long hours of sitting and typing. Choose a table that fits all your essentials, ensuring that it has the appropriate size and height for you. Make it a point to choose an ergonomic footrest, which is necessary to help keep your feet on a stable surface and maintain a proper posture.

Don’t forget to keep your workstation and setup tidy for a more organized atmosphere when typing.

Of course, don’t forget a mechanical keyboard that meets your needs. Without a doubt, our top pick is the ​​Logitech POP Keys Blast (Yellow) Wireless Mechanical Keyboard from Complink. With three whole years of battery life and an eye-catching color, you’ll definitely want to get on your chair and start typing more often than you think you would.

What’s cute and unique about this mechanical keyboard is that it has eight emoji keys that you can use and customize, so you wouldn’t have to switch to your phone or look up the keyboard shortcut if you want to express how you feel through emojis.

Practice, practice, practice!

You know what they say, practice makes perfect. Even in typing, this famous quote holds a lot of truth. You won’t really get better at something if you don’t actually perform it on a regular basis. Stick to your routines when it comes to typing such as keeping a good posture, maintaining a clean and pleasant setup, and looking at the screen instead of your hands.

Building these practices forms habitual action, and in no time, you’ll start noticing that you’re getting better and faster.

If it helps you, allot and schedule a certain time of your day to practice. Commit to your calendar, be present, and be intentional about it. Your goals won’t accomplish themselves, so a little effort would go a long way!

Before bringing home the mechanical keyboard that you’ve set your eyes on, make sure to check the vouchers and discounts that SM Deals is here to offer. Go easy on your wallet while upgrading your setup and upskilling your typing speed and accuracy with the cool promo codes that await you. While you’re at it, download SM Malls Online for any other computer peripherals and essentials!

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