How Do You Choose The Best Chow For Your Furry Friend? Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out


Settling in to your role of becoming a full-fledged pet parent is no easy task. Much like taking care of and raising a child, you’d only want the best for your beloved canine or feline friend. Giving them lots of snuggles, playtime, socialization, and a cozy space to snooze come rather easy and almost effortless—but what about nutrition? 

The question of what to feed your pets should take into account their age, size, breed, and any health issues they might have. Picking the best food also entails research and lots of trial and error. None of the aforementioned factors will matter if your dog or cat doesn’t even like the taste and texture of the food you’re giving them. 

Sounds frustrating, right? To help you out, below, we’ve gathered pro tips on how to pick meal choices for your furry (best)friend alongside pet-approved food brands you can try out. FYI—these can all be conveniently purchased with just a few clicks via the SM Malls Online app and delivered right to your doorstep. Pro tip: You can get same-day delivery on all your pet needs from Pet Express! If you're a new user, you can also save an extra 50% off (capped at P200) when you use the PETTREATS200OFF voucher upon checkout!

Know their nutritional needs

The very basic place to start is to get educated on what makes pet food nutritious—hearty, delicious, and balanced all at once. 

Both dogs and cats need a lot of protein in their diet; this ingredient, which can be consumed from both animal and plant sources, is the building block of tissues, organs, cells, hormones, and antibodies. It’s really an understatement to say that it basically keeps your four-legged pals in tiptop shape. 

A great option to try is Pedigree’s Adult Beef Wet Dog Food 1.15kg, which has a combination of protein, fat, and fiber. It’s produced from quality meat and selected veggies carefully cooked to preserve the nutrients that your dog needs. Shop this home-cooked-inspired meal for only P229 via the SM Malls Online app.