These Are The Buy-One-Get-One Food Deals You Can Score For Your Pre-Holiday Catchup With The Fam


Our perpetual mantra for the holidays: Eat, drink, and be merry. And there’s definitely a good reason to—this month’s stacked with delish food deals we can’t get enough of, and we’re letting you in on some of the best ones. They’re just in time for pre-holiday feasting with the fam (or the squad). If you want mouthwatering eats for cheap that can still wow the whole table, you’ve come to right place. 

Ahead are pre-Christmas winners at buy-one-get-one offers until the end of the month to signal the fun start of holiday festivities (fa la la la la!). All are equally indulgent and comforting—something that we absolutely love, and we bet you would, too. 

Get cozy—our list of fam-approved picks has got your big holiday appetites and cravings covered. 

Ube Brown Sugar Deerioca Crème Brûlée Milk 

The Alley

Popular for their Brown Sugar Deerioca Series or commonly known in milk tea lingo as brown sugar tapioca pearls with creamy, fresh milk, The Alley is a milk tea chain from Taiwan that opened shop in the Philippines in 2019. 

The Deerioca is The Alley’s homegrown spin on chewy and bouncy boba cooked in brown sugar syrup and generously infused with crème brûlée milk. This oh-so-yummy cooler’s topped with ube (purple yam)—giving each sip added flavor and texture and a welcome pop of vivid violet-purple color. 

At 50% off (before P330), you can get two large cups of this crème de la crème of local milk tea drinks for only P165. 

Surf & Turf Plate


Hankering for a flavorful serving of ribs? Racks is the way to go. For a hefty lunch, we recommend their Surf & Turf Blue Plate, which consists of 1/2 pork rib glazed with Racks original barbecue sauce, 1/2 London-style fish (think fish and chips sans the latter), your choice of one regular side dish, and steamed rice. 

If you’re ordering individual plates for the fam, have them choose from the following sides: corn and carrots, coleslaw, house mashed potato, gravy fries, mac and cheese, potato salad, or pasta salad. 

Until the end of the month, you can spring for two Blue Plates at 50% off—that’s just P395 from P790. 

BMKN Damn Strong Viet Iced Coffee 

Banh Mi Kitchen

Made with choice Vietnamese coffee grounds and dripped and shaken with condensed milk, Banh Mi Kitchen’s Damn Strong Viet Iced Coffee’s the perfect holiday pick-me-upper. Yup, that’s darn right! 

A cup is so intensely strong that Banh Mi even jests that it may cause palpitations—so, a word to the wise. If you’re up for a good, dark roast, though, and can handle a rich cup to dissolve your post-Christmas party morning daze, this specialty brew’s the one to get. 

Order two large cups for only P119 (from P238)—that’s an instant 50% off. Best sipped over breakfast or brunch convos with the whole fam. Pair with a crunchy banh mi sandwich for maximum enjoyment. 

Cheddar Blossom Solo

Myungjang Korean Corndog

East deliciously meets West in Myungjang’s Cheddar Blossom corndog. This variant’s their bestselling one yet with cheese hotdog and mozzarella. We suggest getting this one on days that you’ve got a craving for a dose of Korean street food or when you’re about to have a K-drama marathon with the fam. They’re no-nonsense snacks that are effortless to munch. 

So what makes this iteration Korean? Each stick’s sweet and salty at the same time since they’re also traditionally finished with a bit of sugar coating. And instead of corn, they’re typically made with a rice flour batter—just some fun foodie trivia for you. 

Savor two cheesy sticks for only P87.50 (before P125) at 30% off. 

Big Macaroni Salad and Peach Iced Tea 1L


Although famous for their burgers and crispy French fries, Wendy’s has also won our tastebuds with their classic macaroni salad. 

Each plate’s made with macaroni noodles topped with slices of fresh cucumber, tomatoes, and carrots and served with gelatin, grated cheese in a bed of lettuce, and finally drenched with thousand island dressing. It’s probably the joint’s best healthy snacking option—perfect if you’re watching your calories but still want something filling. 

To cut the rich and savory flavor of the salad, we suggest sampling their new Peach Iced Tea. Comes in a one-liter bottle, this palate refresher’s a peach syrup-infused brewed black tea with a sweeter kick compared to Wendy’s regular offering that delivers a tangier calamansi taste. 

Cop this combo for only P210 from P315 (that’s 33% off!). 

Red Velvet and Creamy Purple Yam

Original Cake

Bake yourself and the whole fam into the holiday spirit with Original Cake’s delectable sweet confections. 

Our top choices? Their Creamy Purple Yam and Red Velvet cakes. Either one of these dreamy desserts is at a 20% discount, now only P495.20 from P619 apiece—so you can easily score two as your pre-holiday centerpiece. 

Original Cake’s Creamy Purple Yam is a light and fluffy chiffon cake filled and frosted with ube yam that’s coated in fine ube cake crumbs for added texture and topped with whipped cream. Their Red Velvet, on the other hand, has layers of soft red velvet sponge cake with a luscious cream cheese filling. 

Celebrate Christmas early and round out your pre-holiday feast with these pocket-friendly yet hearty food and drink options. Order and have them delivered to your home via the SM Malls Online app. Holiday hack: Use voucher code HAPPYCHRISTMAS on checkout to get P100 off on your minimum single-receipt purchase worth P1,000 for the entire month of November and December. 

For more filling foodie bundles and exclusive dining promos, make sure you’ve got the SM Malls Online app on your devices or visit SM Deals. Hint: Check back often for deals and vouchers updated on the daily.