There Are Lots Of Reasons To Want A New Switch And A Discounted Price Is Just One Of Them


A thrilling gaming experience calls for a visual and auditory feast. As far as gaming gadgets go, you’d want something that has a stunning and immersive display coupled with speakers that provide a clearer, more nuanced soundscape. This sensory experience is exactly what you get from the latest iteration of the beloved Switch, the Nintendo Switch™ OLED model. 

The original Switch was a total game-changer when it first launched in 2017, as it created a whole new path within the gaming realm. It works both as a home console via a TV-based play and a solid handheld device, hence the name “Switch,” without compromising on power and functionality. This hybrid console gives the best of both worlds—seamlessly transitioning into your preferred gaming configuration wherever you might be. 

What’s new?

Officially released last October, the Nintendo Switch™ OLED sports new hardware with some welcome quality-of-life tweaks. The most notable change is the improved display, thanks to its 7-inch OLED screen. ICYDK: The original version of the Switch come with just a 6.2-inch LCD screen. 

Playing on the OLED model means getting more contrast and better viewing angles—even when you’re playing outside in direct sunlight. Apart from the visual improvements, the OLED panel brings less bezel, too, so there’s less distracting black stuff at the edges. The result is a more expansive viewpoint any gamer would appreciate. 

Powered by the NVIDIA customized Tegra processor (Tegra X1), the Nintendo Switch™ OLED promises a fast and responsive gameplay and increased battery life. 

Useful upgrades

On the Switch™ OLED’s exterior, the stereo speakers are slightly bigger and now in a more rectangular shape. The sound quality took a leap as well, delivering crisper audio even at lower volumes. 

The kickstand, instead of just being deemed a simple piece of plastic in the base model, now stretches across the whole length of the device. This improvement makes the OLED version stand better on a variety of surfaces. 

The dock also comes with a built-in LAN/Ethernet port, so you won’t have to buy a separate adapter. This is ideal for ensuring solid connectivity to a router and more reliable internet speed during gameplay. The on-board storage has doubled from 32GB to 64GB as well, which can be expanded via a MicroSD card. 

Classic colorway

The Switch™ OLED comes in a classic black-and-white finish, making it stand out from the multi-color options of its predecessor. The dock is finished in white, too, for a cleaner and more modern look. 

A pleasure to play

All the subtle tweaks sound enticing, right? Well, it’s really a no-brainer to get hyped for the Switch™ OLED—especially when you’re into Nintendo’s first-party games. TBH, all of them are bangers (hello, Animal Crossing, Super Mario, and Zelda!).

With the latest OLED model, you get to enjoy a multitude of your go-to titles from your existing Switch library in a much more immersive and dramatic way. 

If you’ve yet to jump on the Switch train, the Nintendo Switch™ OLED version is the way to go! It’s the best among the Switch bunch right now. And you can get it at P600 less (from P16,895 to P16,295) at DataBlitz in SM City Iloilo until August 31. 

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