The Ultimate Guide On How to Take Care of Your Leather Bags and Shoes


Leather tends to fade, peel, or crack over time, especially without proper care. This spells bad news for your leather handbags, purses, shoes, wallets, pants, and jackets. Fortunately, learning to care for your leather accessories and apparel doesn't take too much.

This complete leather guide covers standard leather care and professional cleaning. Keep your treasured pieces looking brand new every time you step out in them.

Do Regular Cleaning

Maintaining leather starts with day-to-day care. Be sure to clean your leather items regularly. If particles get into leather, they can be abrasive and cause cracking. Do this by brushing your leather down with your hands. Then, use a soft and slightly damp cloth later on.

Don't let the leather absorb moisture. If rain is on the weather forecast, take an umbrella when you go out. If your leather gets too wet, let it air dry. Never use a hairdryer or put the leather out under direct sunlight to avoid cracking. 

Lastly, do not use any cleaning products like soaps and cleansers that contain alcohol. These chemicals can damage the natural oils in the leather and cause cracking.  

If you want to make sure your precious leather items are deep cleaned properly, consider hiring professionals. Doctor Leather is the premier leather repair and restoration expert in the Philippines. So, you can rest assured your items are left in the hands of specialists. Say goodbye to spots, stains and wrinkles on your precious bag or shoes with the help of leather specialists and keep your items looking good as new.

Keep Leather Items Away From Abrasives

Abrasives can scratch and damage your carefully-crafted leather items. Keep your leather away from sharp surfaces, chunky jewellery, and embellished clothing.

In addition, don't store more than what your leather bags or purses can hold. Leather is made of skin, and once stretched, it won't go back to its original shape. 

Store The Leather Items In A Cool, Dry Place

Storing your leather items anytime soon? Keep in mind that storing your leather properly is one of the best ways to maintain its quality finish. Stash your leather in a dust bag. You may also stuff your leather handbags with bubble wrap to maintain their shape when not in use.

Remember to put away your leather goods in a cool, dry place to prevent mold growth, drying, cracking, and fading.

Use Oil and Waxes To Avoid Dryness and Cracking 

If you notice that your leather items are starting to dry out, it might be time to apply moisturizer to it. Contact the manufacturer on what oil or wax is recommended for your leather to prevent cracking and flaking. There are many leather moisturizers, and choosing the wrong one can end up causing more harm than good. 

Learning how to take care of your leather is easy. Thoughtful cleaning and storage will go a long way in maintaining your favorite leather pieces. However, specific items may require more complex care techniques. For these items, trust only leather professionals to get the job done. 

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