The Ready-to-order Dishes And Drinks You Can Add To Your Noche Buena Spread


With Christmas nearly here (just four more days!), you might still be deciding what you’ll have in your holiday spread. From show-stopping mains and sides to delectable drinks and desserts, there’s a lot to consider. If you’re feeling overwhelmed (as many of us are) and still have a lot on your plate that you can’t make time to whip out a homecooked Noche Buena meal, we’re here to help. 

There’s no shame in throwing a Christmas feast with pre-made dishes that you can easily order with just a few clicks, then have delivered straight to your doorstep—especially when you know how equally sumptuous they can be. With no prep and cooking involved (whew!), you can just sit back and relax (so all you’ll have to worry about is whether you’ve made the cut to Santa’s nice list this year). 

Ahead are six Santa-approved picks *chef’s kiss* that could fill your Noche Buena table and your tummies, too. 

Frosty Cherry Choco Cake from Goldilocks

Buttercream frosting and rich white chocolate ganache crown this premium confection of moist chocolate cake and cherry whipped cream from Goldilocks. Bet it’ll look good as the winter-inspired centerpiece of your holiday table come Christmas Eve. You can order this creation at 50% off (capped at P200) when you use code GOLDILOCKS50%OFF until the 29th. 

Pork Miso Tonkotsu Ramen from Botejyu

Warm your belly and heart with a miso-flavored hot bowl of pork tonkotsu ramen that’s made with firm noodles, ajitama, and umami-grilled char siu pork. Sip and slurp this rich broth if you want to cozy up—highly recommended and irresistible for the cool sweater weather we’re having lately. It’s at 30% off—that’s P312.38 from P446.25. FYI—Botejyu’s whole menu’s (except for bundles and drinks) at 30% off until the 31st. Just perfect!

Chocolate Almond Round Cake from the Original Cake

You can never have too much chocolate on Christmas, and this super-soft three-layer chocolate cake topped with a chocolate frosting cream and chocolate-almond snowflakes crisps hits the sweet spot. At 20% off (now only P495.20 from P619) until month-end, it deserves a place on your spread. 

Ube Brown Sugar Creme Brûlée Deerioca from The Alley

If you’re a fan of ube halaya and leche flan, you’ll love this signature brown-sugar drink paired with your choice of milk and The Alley’s very own sweet cream, ube cream, and creme brûlée. It’s a holiday dessert aesthetically served in a large cup—definitely ‘gram-worthy and at a buy 1, take 1 deal until the 31st. Get two for only P165 (before P330). 

Zark's Burgers

TBH, any meaty and hefty burger from Zark’s is a winner. For pre-game Christmas feasting, we recommend their Texas BBQ Burger. It’s packed with onion rings, Zark’s OG patty drizzled with a Texas BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese on a crisp bed of lettuce and soft buns. There’s even an option to add bacon for that sinful but well-deserved bite. Good news: You get 50% off on your first order until the 21st. 

Cheesecake Milk Tea from Paper Moon Café