A Feast For The Queens: The Best Munchies To Match Your Ladies’ Sleepover Movie Picks


Cute pajamas? Check. Face masks? Check. A carefully curated movie watchlist with titles under your and your besties’ favorite genres? Check.

Celebrating Women’s Month gives you a fantastic excuse to throw an epic ladies’ sleepover that focuses on three things: what you and your girl friends enjoy, what helps you relax, and what makes you feel empowered. 

A movie night—with pampering activities on the side—is a fun and chill idea that covers those, and after preparing the sleepover must-haves mentioned above, the next entry on your to-do list is ordering delicious snacks to share with your girl gang. 

Not sure which snacks would suit the night’s mood and pair well with your and your besties’ fave movie genres? Look no further because we’ve listed great food recommendations below—and the best thing about them is that they are new brand promos available only this March via the SM Malls Online app!

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A (no-sleep) spooky must-have

Does having a horror and thriller film fest make you and your girl squad feel like staying up all night? A caffeinated drink can be handy for this post-movie all-nighter, and there are two delicious options that we recommend from Seattle’s Best Coffee’s menu: the Java Chip Javakula and Double Chocolate Mint Javakula.

The Java Chip Javakula is an iced coffee drink made of rich classic mocha and chocolate chips topped with whipped cream, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce. Meanwhile, the Double Chocolate Mint Javakula features a delicious blend of Seattle’s Best Coffee’s classic mocha and chocolate chips with whipped cream and peppermint. 

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For the queens of melodrama

Cue the tears and sentimental background music! Melodrama films often tug at your heartstrings, so comfort food like Cinnabon’s freshly-baked Minibons would be a perfect snack for this type of movie. Aside from offering comfort with its warm dough, these mini cinnamon rolls also feature a delicious combo of Makara cinnamon and Cinnabon’s signature cream cheese to help you eat your feelings away.

Order from Cinnabon via the SM Malls Online app until March 31 to enjoy 20% off on their Best Sellers, including a Minibon Box of 9. You can get this tasty treat for only P412, which is 20% off its original price of P515. This promo is available at SM City North Edsa, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM City Fairview, SM Aura Premier, and SM Southmall.

A cool girl’s sci-fi and fantasy pick

The cool and whimsical atmosphere of sci-fi and fantasy films pairs well with a unique movie snack like Tenya’s Tori Black Bun Burger with Sweet Potato Fries. With a black bun to sandwich a delicious combo of Chicken Katsu drizzled in spicy wasabi mayo and romaine lettuce, this appetizing treat with a fancy and creative look gives you an out-of-this-world experience in every bite. It is also served with sweet potato fries on the side, which you can enjoy while watching the movie’s characters as they zoom into space or wander through a new fantasy world. 

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Sweet drinks for the romantics

There’s nothing quite as sweet and cheesy to pair with a romantic movie as a delicious cup of Creme Brulee Cream Cheese Milk Tea with Pearls. Topped with Creme Brulee pudding, cream foam, and tapioca pearls, this Assam-brewed milk tea is like a dessert in liquid form—which is perfect if you want to enjoy decadent sweet treats without getting distracted by things like reaching for a fork or slicing your food when watching swoon-worthy scenes.

Get two cups of Creme Brulee Cream Cheese Milk Tea with Pearls (Large) for the price of one at The Alley It's Time for Tea in SM Megamall, SM City North Edsa, SM Mall of Asia, and SM City Fairview when you order via the SM Malls Online app until March 31. With this promo, you and your besties only need to spend P175 (instead of originally costing P350) to enjoy a sweet drink.

The best action-packed treats

This one is for the ladies who love watching car chases and adrenaline-filled battles! Feed your inner action star with a filling movie snack like Racks’ The Great Cheeseburger, which features a patty made of imported ground pork belly and US Angus rib eye with a Cajun rub seasoning. This burger is also stacked with crispy lettuce, tomatoes, American cheese, caramelized onions, a special barbeque sauce, and burger sauce for an adventure-worthy dining experience.

Racks’ The Great Cheeseburger also comes with Belgian Fries, which is perfect if you want a delicious finger food that you can shove into your mouth during action-packed scenes.

Until March 31, you can enjoy a buy one, get one deal on The Great Cheeseburger with Belgian Fries at Racks in SM City North Edsa, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, and SM Southmall. From an original cost of P690, you only need to spend P345 to get these perfect movie snacks for action-packed films.

Classic picks for classic films

Got a collection of old Hollywood films with iconic and elegant female leads like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “Roman Holiday”? Match their posh atmosphere for your movie night with a fluffy and heavenly soufflé from Truewin! Promising melt-in-your-mouth goodness, one of our most recommended soufflés from their menu is the Brown Sugar Bubble Souffle which is topped with tapioca pearls and drizzled with brown sugar syrup.

To enjoy this light and tasty Brown Sugar Bubble Souffle better, pair it with Truewin’s refreshing Oolong option of their Ultimate Fruit Tea. This premium fruit tea is loaded with fresh fruits and fruit juices for a zesty treat that complements the ritz and nostalgia of classic films.

For the whole month of March, you can get 30% off on all drinks and soufflés at Truewin in SM City North Edsa via the SM Malls Online app. We highly recommend their Brown Sugar Bubble Souffle and Ultimate Fruit Tea (Oolong), which you can get at 40% off for only P132 from an original price of P220 right now.

Lighthearted, feel-good bites

Laugh and giggle the night away with your girl squad by enjoying a roster of comedy and other lighthearted films with casual, feel-good snacks. We highly recommend Momo Korean Eggdrop’s Eggdrop Sandwiches, which are delightfully soft and available in different flavors that perfectly match a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. 

Each sandwich from Momo Korean Eggdrop is handcrafted with freshly-baked Brioche Bread, fluffy eggs, and gooey cheese—which are complemented by different fillings for every sandwich variety, like spam, mango, and nori for Seoul and premium ham and avocado for Jeju. Pair it now with a house-blend Iced Tea that combines the taste of lemon and black tea with vanilla and wintergreen for an instant refresher between moments of laughter.

Buy one Eggdrop Sandwich and get one free Iced Tea for only P175 at Momo Korean Eggdrop in SM City Fairview and SM Mall of Asia when you order via the SM Malls Online app until March 31. With this promo, you can enjoy 33% off this movie snack’s original price of P260!

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