6 Standout Fragrances To Spritz On This Holiday Season


It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. Mmm… There’s nothing like spritzing on a mood-boosting fragrance on the big day. That’s the power of scents—it lifts your spirits, calms your mind, grounds you, or takes you back into memory lane. It’s a great way to alter your mood and to make a lasting impression. 

Even little wafts of scented self-care throughout the day can be a perfumed treat—or a fragrant shield against the literal and metaphorical fumes in our personal spaces. 

So, let’s hear it for the scintillating notes that bring that much-needed holiday vibe in our lives. Sweet, spicy, crisp, light, or earthy, these scents transport us to better and brighter days ahead. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites, ever-so-ready and pocket-friendly, for the holiday season. 

Aficionado F1 CK One 85ml

Undeniably sexy and naturally clean, this contemporary fragrance is a metaphorical breath of fresh air that’s meant to be used lavishly and sprayed all over the body. Pure and intimate like a cool summer breeze, it’s a subtle scent that you need to experience up close for maximum enjoyment. If that sounds like your speed, you can get it at a discounted price of P256 from the original price of P276 from now until December 31!

Aficionado F61 Wood Sage and Sea Salt by Jo Malone 85ml

Lively, spirited, and totally joyful. This Jo Malone-inspired perfume lets you escape the mundane and the everyday to a windswept and breathtaking shore. Sea salt and spray mingling with the woody earthiness of sage give this bottle both freshness and depth. Thinking of giving it a try? The price for this just dropped to P268 from P288, so it’s a good time to get yourself a bottle.

Bench Zia Dantes Cute As Can Be Body Spray 100ml

Cute as a button and cheery, this bottle can be spritzed all over, scenting your little one from top to toe. The uplifting citrus and fruity notes are reminiscent of carefree summer afternoons and happy childhood play. Sweet and glorious. Give it as a gift to your favorite little miss at the discounted price of P123. 

Bench Wildflowers Roses Are Red Eau de Toilette 35ml

Grounding musk meets sweet honey in this captivating Bench pick. It’s infused with the reddest and purest of roses bursting with a bohemian wildflower scent in full bloom. Spritz this on come Christmas night to quickly put you in a passionate mood. You can snag a bottle for just P115 until the end of the month! 

Ian Darcy Perfume Clinique Happy 

For hints of citrus and hits of a refreshing scent. Inspired by Clinique’s iconic perfume launched in 1997, this Ian Darcy oil-rich version emulates the uplifting fragrance that combines fresh and vibrant notes from ruby red grapefruit and bergamot, plus subtle notes from Hawaiian wedding flower and spring mimosa. It’s currently available at just P375.

Ian Darcy Perfume Bvlgari Amethyste 

A sophisticated spritz for a sophisticated lady. The magical purple hues of amethyst take spotlight in this floral-woody, powdery fragrance. This Bvlgari-inspired bottle captures the myriad scents of iris and rose gardens in its heart notes and the rich, heady scents of heliotrope and solar wood in its base. It would make a great gift for your BFF—you can get her a bottle for P375 from now until month-end.

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