In The Mood For Love? Check Out The Best Food To Order If You’re Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Home


No reservations required, no traffic jams, and no big crowds: There are many perks to celebrating Valentine’s Day in the comfort of your home. To keep the occasion special and memorable even when you’re staying in, it’s best to prepare early for your V-Day plan’s important aspects like activities and food.

Food is a major highlight of any Valentine’s celebration—may it be a romantic date with your significant other, an indulgent self-care session, or a simple get-together with your family and friends. If you’d rather skip the cooking during this special occasion, you can always order delicious food and have it delivered to your doorstep. 

To help you plan, here are our food recommendations for the loveliest Valentine’s feast at home.

Burger steaks from Tender Bob’s

Having steak on your menu is a guaranteed way to add a fancy touch to your Valentine’s meal, but there’s no need to burn a hole in your wallet just to enjoy this main dish. Try our highly-recommended fanta-steak dish: the Tender Bob's Burger Steak - Original. Each order of this dish lets you enjoy U.S. Angus steak trimmings (with 100% pure beef!) served with rice and sauteed vegetables as sides—delivering a complete steak dining experience. 

Get two orders of Tender Bob's Burger Steak - Original for only P305 with Tender Bob’s buy one, get one promo until February 28. This money-saving deal is also available on all of Tender Bob’s burger steaks, and we recommend sampling their Salisbury Steak Burger Garlic Steak Burger, and Peppercorn Steak Burger as well!  

Tasty dishes from Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch and Pepper Lunch Express always have the best mid-day treats, so count on their menu to give you a filling and satisfying Valentine’s lunch. 

For a meal with yourself or your loved ones, you can never go wrong with the resto’s Regular Beef Pepper Rice, which is a staple among their bestsellers. Served on Pepper Lunch’s signature hot plate, this sizzling dish is a flavorful combination of thinly sliced beef with rice, salt, pepper, corn, and spring onion and drizzled in honey soy sauce and garlic soy sauce. 

Get Pepper Lunch’s signature Regular Beef Pepper Rice at 20% off for only P200 (from an original price of P250) until February 28. This 20% discount is also available on other selected items from Pepper Lunch and Pepper Lunch Express’ menus for the whole month. FYI, though: There’s an additional P20 fee for your order’s take-out packaging. 

Fresh fruit drinks from Solohod

Solohod is best known for its fresh fruit teas and juices with unique flavors that will surely tickle your taste buds. If you’re feeling a little fruity and cheesy this Valentine’s, try their Cheese Watermelon Tea Sorbet. This combo of imported cheese, fresh watermelon, and high-quality original leaf tea in one cup produces a refreshing iced drink with a romantic red color that perfectly fits Valentine’s aesthetic.

Get two cups of Solohod’s Cheese Watermelon Tea Sorbet for only P150 until February 28. You should also take this chance to sample other bestsellers on their menu, including the Cheese Melon Tea Sorbet, Mango Milk, Banana Yogurt Smoothie, and Dark Chocolate Pearl Milk drinks, while they’re on a buy one, get one deal this month!

Mini Chonky cookies from Overdoughs and Elait

Small but super chunky and delectable: Overdoughs’ Mini Chonky Cookies are irresistible bite-sized treats that are perfect for V-Day picnics and movie nights. Available in flavors like Triple Chocolate Chonky and Salted Dark & Cream Chonky, each gourmet cookie is crunchy on the outside but soft and gooey on the inside. The OD Mini Chonky Cookies are also available in a box of 22, which is excellent news if you plan on sharing it with your loved ones.

From an original price of P529, you can score a box of 22 OD Mini Chonky Cookies at 30% off for only P370.30 when you order it during the weekdays. This 30% weekday discount is available for all Mini Chonky Cookies at Overdoughs and Elait until February 28. You can also get 20% off on all Mini Chonky Cookies during the weekends of February at Overdoughs and Elait—so order now!

Hokkaido cupcakes from Paper Moon Cafe

Sweet treats are a Valentine's must-have, and these Hokkaido cupcakes from Paper Moon Cafe are one of those dreamy and indulgent treats that you shouldn’t pass up on for this special occasion. Both delicious and aesthetically pleasing, each Hokkaido cupcake is filled with delicate whipped cream and adorned with fresh strawberries on top. They’re also soft, fluffy, and light as air, giving you a melt-in-your-mouth experience that you’d surely love.