Taking It Easy Today? Check Out These Great Group-Meal Deals To Enjoy With The Family


Despite all the hype around productivity and hustle culture, we all need and deserve a timeout once in a while. This includes taking a break not just from work, but also from household chores such as cleaning and cooking. It might be a little tricky to navigate these rest days if you’re staying with your family, especially if there are kids or the elderly who rely on you and can only do limited tasks. 

If planning meals is a chore that you can’t pass to anyone, ordering food is the best option on your rest days. For your further convenience, you can use the SM Malls Online app and get family group meals from your favorite restaurants delivered straight to your home. With the voucher FOODFEST, you can even enjoy 25% off (with a cap of P125) on a minimum purchase worth P500 from 2 or more restos at the SM Malls Online app.

If you need menu ideas for the entire span of your rest day, here are 6 excellent group meals that you can find at a discount on the app right now.

Kare kare

Look no further for lunch options: Cabalen’s Kare Kare is certified main dish material for your whole family. The Filipino restaurant’s take on this local favorite features mouthwatering peanut sauce paired with sweet bagoong. One serving of it is good for 5 to 6 people already, although you might want to consider ordering extra—just in case everyone wants to get a second plate because of how delicious it is. 

Get Cabalen’s Kare Kare (good for 5-6 pax) now at 30% off for only P397.60 (from an original price of P568) when you order via the SM Malls Online app.

Prawn tempura platter

There are many ways to enjoy prawn tempura, such as pairing it with rice for lunch or having it on its own as finger food while you and your family watch a movie or do other self-care activities. No matter which way you serve it, Botejyu’s crispy prawns fried in a special batter make a delicious and versatile treat that you can share with your family. Order a tempura platter now and have an instant feast with Japanese cuisine in the comfort of your home.

From an original price of P703,50, you can get Botejyu’s Prawn Tempura Platter (10 pcs) at 30% off for only P492.45 via the SM Malls Online app.

Big macaroni salad

Need a tasty side dish that your family can pair with their meals? Try the Big Macaroni Salad at Wendy’s, which contains the usual ingredients that you love in a macaroni salad but has one unique addition that gives the dish a flavorful twist: gelatin. This standout melt-in-your-mouth ingredient is a favorite among kids, so it can even be helpful if you’re trying to convince young picky eaters to eat salads and more vegetables.

Buy one Big Macaroni Salad for P105 and get another Big Macaroni Salad for free at Wendy’s when you order via the SM Malls Online app.

Pre-assorted box of brownies

If your family likes sweet treats, the signature decadent brownies from Brownies Unlimited should be your go-to snacktime order. It doesn’t matter if your parents, siblings, partner, or kids have different favorite flavors because the assortment of ​​fudgy, chewy, chocolatey, gooey, or nutty brownies that you can get in just one box is enough to cover everyone’s cravings. To add some thrill to your order, try getting a pre-assorted box for a random mix of Brownies Unlimited’s iconic flavors like Walnut Swirl, Rocky Road, and Choc O' Chips.

From an original price of P295, you can get a Pre-assorted Box of 12 brownies at 30% off for only P206.50 at Brownies Unlimited when you order via the SM Malls Online app.

Snow velvet brown sugar black tea Latte

Snacktime isn’t over without a sweet iced drink to top it off. Making a perfect pair with brownies and other pastries and confections is the Snow Velvet Brown Sugar Black Tea Latte, which is a refreshing Assam black tea mixed with The Alley’s signature brown sugar syrup and topped with salty cream cheese. As part of the Taiwanese milk tea chain’s Snow Velvet series, this drink also has a creamy and velvety texture that suits the chill mood of your rest day. 

Buy a Snow Velvet Brown Sugar Black Tea Latte (Regular) for P130 and get another regular cup for free at The Alley via the SM Malls Online app.

Sizzling pork sisig

End the day with a plate of sizzling pork sisig, which you can enjoy with rice and soda for dinner or ala carte with beer for a quick drinking sesh to culminate your break. We highly recommend ordering from Gerry’s if you prefer a crunchy version of this classic Filipino dish, which the local restaurant makes with chopped meat, onions, and garlic. It’s also one of their ultimate best sellers, so you can rest assured that you and your family are in for a delicious meal.

Enjoy a buy one, get one deal on Sizzling Pork Sisig for only P305 at Gerry's when you order via the SM Malls Online app.

Don’t forget to use the voucher FOODFEST to get 25% off (with a cap of P125) on a minimum purchase worth P500 from 2 or more restos at the SM Malls Online app. For more exciting discounts and promos, visit the SM Deals site or download the SM Malls Online app!