Rollerblading Is Back And You Can Get This Pair of Inline Skates Now At 30% Off


Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi was such a bop back in the day, circa 2002 to be exact, and it spawned an era of pop-punk skaters (with skateboards covered in stickers and graffiti in tow, of course). Fast forward to today. You’re now a grown-up starting a family or already with kids, but still longing to let the fun and good times roll. Who says “adults” have to be ‘adulting’ all the time, right? Well, you may want to bring back the Sk8er Boi vibes—this time, with a rad pair of inline skates. 

Roller-skating has long been a beloved pastime, but people of all ages have been rekindling their connection with this hobby for the past two years—all because of the pandemic. It’s a great way to stay active even when you’re stuck indoors. And, for parental units (or those with nephews and nieces), it’s perfect for bonding with your adventurous youngins. 

If you want your kids to have a really good time, gift them the Roller Derby Inline Skates Cobra Boys from Toby’s Sports. Slipping on a pair is cool way for them to get around—both indoors and outside. It’s an incredible way to get a bit of exercise, too. 

Cruising for beginners

The Roller Derby Inline Skates Cobra Boys feature high-cut boots that offer ankle support so your kids can coast and glide safely. It also comes with a precision adjustable boot and adjustable push button for a smoother skating experience.