Spruce Up Your Space With These 6 High-impact Home Improvement Essentials


If a home renovation project isn’t in your cards at the moment (we know how expensive and time-consuming it can be), there are many workarounds to still spruce up your space and improve your house’s ambiance without breaking the bank. 

Case in point: Our handy list of must-have and high-impact tools that can be extremely helpful for household jobs. These are topnotch picks that could help transform areas (even often-overlooked ones) and make them look updated, cleaner, and better. P.S. They’ll make your life easier, too!

Try one (or a few) of these items for much-needed mini makeovers. So, toss on your best work shirt, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get cracking. 

A spin mop that cleans your floors faster

There’s no need to get your hands dirty drying this Spin Mop from Ace Hardware, as it’s got a built-in drying bucket that allows you to pivot and essentially wring your mop head 360 degrees. This also lets you fling water and dirt from the mop’s head. Now you can keep your hard floors pristine with this whole-floor or spot-cleaning solution. It's currently at 20% off, with the discounted price at just P743.20!

A humidifier that adds moisture to the air

Surplus’ Fresh Air Humidifier in dark brown can help increase natural moisture in your home, relieving dryness and soothing health problems caused by dry indoor air such as congestion and seasonal skin allergies. It produces a cool mist that can help you breathe a lot easier during snooze time, too. Less snoring and more uninterrupted dreamtime FTW! You can snag it at just P799.75 right now, a whopping 60% off from the original price of P1,999.75. 

A cooling fan that matches your home’s rustic or minimalist aesthetic

For keeping your space cool (literally and figuratively) and your energy bills low, we suggest getting the now-iconic 16-inch Asahi Wood Stand Fan in white from Ace Hardware. Floor fans aren’t just a practical purchase for warmer months—whatever time of the year, they’re useful for circulating air around your space, helping do away with lingering cooking odor and smoke. At P3,194.10 (original price P3,549), this one features a wooden design that’s loved by many, 16-inch metal fan blades, a three-speed control, and a high-performance fan motor with a thermal cutoff fuse. 

A multi-function blender that does more than just blend

Because the Oster® Professional Series Blender offers multiple functions in one device and essentially replaces several traditional countertop kitchen appliances, it’s perfect for condos, apartments, and even small, modest spaces. It can shake, blend, grind, and even chop with ease thanks to its Dual Direction Blade technology. It's also currently at just P5,999, down from P6,995. 10/10 would recommend. 

A tough-on-germs, gentle-on-skin sanitizing duo

A reliable hand soap is a staple on every sink in your home these days, and you can’t beat one that’s effective against bacteria, germs, and viruses but doesn’t harm your skin in the process! Messy Bessy’s Hand and Body Wash zaps dirt and grime while moisturizing your skin—and with the Messy Bessy Super Duo Christmas Gift Bundle, you get a 500 ml bottle together with a Big Little Warrior Sanitizer for just P499 from the original price of P670!

A fun little accent pillow to add some cheer to your décor

Okay, let’s be honest—with all the things you have to think about during the holidays, the last thing you’d want to do is dig up all your Christmas decorations and ignore the fact that you’ll have to put them all away again in a couple of weeks. Sometimes, one cheery accent piece is enough to bring a bright pop of color and make you feel more festive. Head on over to Miniso and pick up the adorable Mini Family Rectangular Pillow, a whimsical 12-by-20-inch bit of fluff that would instantly add some holiday cheer to any living room, big or small.

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