Unleash Your Inner Superhero with DC Justice League’s Best Collectibles for Play and Display


From Batman to Superman, the DC Comics universe is filled to the brim with powerful and interesting characters. When we need much-needed inspo and motivation, we often look to our beloved fictional heroes (sometimes, villains, too) for a spark of brilliance. 

While their storylines and redemption arcs often teach us about the human experience, their toy counterparts also allow us to enjoy the act of play as a way to express and enjoy ourselves—no matter the age. And there’s something intrinsically magical about it. 

These days, toys have evolved from the simplest of dolls to tech-savvy feats of engineering, but let’s admit it, the simple action figure, a toy typically defined by various points of articulation, has always remained a classic favorite

Below, we’ve gathered some of the best DC Comics collectibles begging to be added to your collection—all readily available in Toy Kingdom via your SM Malls Online app. Whether you’re new to the DC comic book series or already a long-time aficionado, chances are that one of these toys will stand out to you.

DC Comics Batman 9.5-inch Action Figure

The 9.5-inch crusader of Gotham City and one of the most iconic characters in the DC world features three points of articulation and intricate design for dynamic posing and role play. 

Shop for P649. 

DC Comics Superman 12-inch Action Figure

With 11 points of articulation, the 12-inch Man of Steel action figure can have a variety of dynamic action poses, letting you create your own adventures. 

Highly detailed, the action figure features a cloth cape and classic comic styling that brings your favorite superhero to life. 

Shop for P749.75. 

DC Comics Shazam! 12-inch Action Figure

Add the 12-inch Shazam! in the mix to bring in the excitement of the DC universe to your collection. 

Sporting a facial design and actor likeness (the toy really does look like Zachary Levi!), the action figure wears his detailed costume with his infamous lightning bolt and a cloth cape. Engage in signature combat moves and poses with its 11 points of articulation. 

Shop for P899. 

DC Comics The Caped Crusader Robin 4-inch Action Figure

We can’t forget about Robin! The 4-inch action figure features 11 points of articulation, allowing you to pose your toy into any action pose as you play out your epic missions

Robin also comes with three surprise accessories. Find gauntlets, shields, blasters and more and armor up your figure. 

Shop for P579.75. 

DC Comics Mr. Freeze 6-inch Action Figure

The Batman posse won’t be complete without one of its most popular supervillains in Dr. Victor Fries (pronounced ‘freeze’)—an accomplished cryogenicist who turned to a life a crime. 

The 6-inch action figure has three points of articulation within its arms and head, so you can recreate good vs. evil adventures with Batman, Robin, and the rest of the gang from Gotham City

Shop for P299.75.