How to Make Your Kids’ School Break Enjoyable and Memorable


School break is one of the most-awaited times of the year for kids. This is the period wherein they get to enjoy and appreciate their well-deserved me-time. Though this is the perfect season for kids to go out, play, and discover the world, remember that spending quality time with them strengthens family relationships and creates lasting memories.

When it comes to keeping your children entertained during school break, this is when the struggles come, especially for work-at-home parents. Whether at home or out, keeping your children amused requires thoughtful planning. Check out these creative and unique ideas to keep everyone engaged, with great online promos and voucher codes from SM Deals so you don’t have to worry about your budget.

Start with an end goal

Whether you’re at home or at your family’s favorite mall, spending school break with your kids can be exciting, fun, and beneficial. Add a little effort, imagination, and planning for a school break to remember.

Start off by creating a timetable that includes days for fun activities and learning too. Come up with an engaging to-do list for each day to avoid idle moments. Make sure to prepare or shop online for special treats and rewards that everyone will look forward to before the school break ends.

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Create a healthy family competition

Including healthy and competitive activities during school break can be good for kids. Throwing a little competition helps develop and improve their social skills as you gear them up for adulthood. Take note that each activity and atmosphere must promote constructive competition.

Take this chance to remind your kids of the true meaning of accomplishment. That it is not all about winning, instead it is about setting a goal and putting their minds to accomplish it. Go ahead by challenging them to competitive games that develop important lifelong skills like taking turns, developing empathy, and enhancing tenacity.

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Play pretend games and discover other fun activities

Enhance your kids’ imagination by encouraging them to be more resourceful while discovering fun activities to keep them occupied. You can also join them in pretend games by coming up with unique costumes from their favorite cartoons or movies. From time to time, make room for them to improve their imagination and independence.

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Discover arts, crafts, and sports

Give your children's school break a spin by leveling it up with some thrilling indoor and outdoor activities that will showcase their talents in arts, crafts, and sports. A little physical activity with a touch of art will not only improve their physique but will also help boost their intelligence.

Keep an eye out for clubs, schools, or sports centers where you can enroll your kids in various sports and physical activities. If they are not into sports yet, this is a great time for them to get exposed to fitness and outdoor recreation. Give cycling or basketball a start and look into sports apparel and essentials from Chris Sports, Oakley, and Sportshouse.

Keep an eye out for arts and crafts classes or simply check some local shops for craft activities and kits. Check online for unique craft ideas that everyone may enjoy and participate in. Try a selection of Kids Ink Items for family coloring and activity books from National Bookstore.

Go on a food trip

School break ain’t complete without stuffing on some good food, snacks, and treats. Discover your new go-to spots for food and beverages by checking online. Make sure to take your kids out and bring them to their favorite restaurant at SM Supermalls. Known to be kid-friendly restaurants, Shakey’s offers family feast bundles while Kenny Rogers serves their must-try solo grilled and healthy plates.

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