Uh-oh, Need A Daily Essential ASAP? Try These Same-day Delivery Solutions For Your Shopping Emergencies


Life can be full of unexpected things—like waking up in the morning and finding yourself running a fever, running out of pet supplies exactly when you need them, or getting a last-minute invitation to a friend’s party. These shopping emergencies can easily catch you off-guard, and now that the busy -ber months have started, it is better to prepare yourself for them.

Luckily, you can now get your much-needed daily essentials for any shopping emergency on same-day delivery via the SM Malls Online app. Whether for wellness, beauty, home, pets, babies, or baking, the app covers your last-minute shopping needs. Simply place your order wherever you are, whenever you need them, on the app—and get them right at your doorstep within three hours! 

With less waiting and more doing thanks to this same-day delivery service, you can dedicate more time to the things you love. Aside from your time and energy, the SM Malls Online app also lets you save up on delivery fees—simply apply the voucher code FREEDELIVERY to get free delivery on purchases worth at least P500! 

Make the most out of your day now with a variety of essentials available on same-day delivery within three hours on the SM Malls Online app. To get you started, check out these six examples!

Less waiting, more self-care with Innisfree

Wanna give yourself an instant hair makeover before heading to a party, meeting with friends, or attending any special event? Try using Innisfree’s My Hair Strength Shampoo, a silicone-free hair product with ingredients like Jeju pine, cedar, and cypress to give you softer and healthier hair and scalp. Its formula also has ginseng saponin to boost scalp circulation and strengthen hair roots, adding vitality to your hair while making it feel refreshed all day long.

Upgrade your haircare routine now with the Innisfree My Hair Strength Shampoo 330ML, which is available for only P483 (originally P690) at Innisfree via the SM Malls Online app.

Less waiting, more bonding with Pet Express

A hungry furbaby isn’t a happy furbaby—so for your pets to fully enjoy bonding time with you, make sure they’re already well-fed and satisfied with their meal. In case you run out of pet food supplies, you can order the Pedigree Adult Simmered Beef Loaf with Vegetables Wet Dog Food on same-day delivery from the SM Malls Online app.

Aside from pleasing your furbaby’s palate with its beefy flavor, this wet dog food offers complete and balanced nutrition with vitamins and minerals in its formula. It also has nutrients like Omega 6 and zinc for healthy skin and coat, calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and teeth, protein for strong muscles, and dietary fiber for a healthier digestive system. Mix it with kibbles or other wet dog food to shake up your furbaby’s usual meal or let them enjoy more flavors in one bowl!

Save 10% on the Pedigree Adult Simmered Beef Loaf with Vegetables Wet Dog Food 130g, which is now available for only P36 from an original price of P40 at Pet Express via the SM Malls Online app.

Less waiting, more nurturing with Baby Company

Uh-oh, forgot to check your baby’s bath essentials? Don’t worry, you can get the Baby Dove Shampoo Rich Moisture for same-day delivery! This gentle shampoo is specially formulated for babies' and toddlers’ delicate skin, with Dove’s unique ¼ moisturizing cream helping replenish moisture and nutrients on your babies’ scalp every bath time. Its hypoallergenic and tear-free formula is guaranteed safe and recommended by ophthalmologists, dermatologists, and pediatricians, so you can rest assured that your baby is in good hands.

The Baby Dove Shampoo Rich Moisture also helps keep your baby’s hair and scalp visibly clean, healthy, and soft while locking in moisture and making them smell fresh—perfect for enjoyable cuddle times!

Get the Baby Dove Shampoo Rich Moisture at 50% off for only P105 (originally P209) at Baby Company via the SM Malls Online app.

Less waiting, more baking with Wonderbake

Whether you’ve got friends or loved ones coming over to your home soon or find yourself craving a home-baked treat, the SM Malls Online app is here to bring you baking essentials like the Golden Wheat All Purpose Flour from Wonderbake. This high-quality white flour comes from finely ground pure wheat, making it ideal for delicious goodies like breads, cakes, and pastries. 

Enjoy same-day delivery on the Golden Wheat All Purpose Flour 1KG, now available for P63.36 from an original price of P64, when you order it from Wonderbake via the SM Malls Online app.

Less waiting, more hush with Surplus Shop

The weather can be quite unpredictable this season—and when the hot and humid temperatures strike, you can rely on the Surplus Firefly Rechargeable 6” Fan with Night Light to help cool you down. This multi-function fan operates on three fan speeds and has a lamp LED in case of emergencies. You only need four hours to fully charge its battery and use its fan for up to six hours depending on the speed setting. 

Get the Surplus Firefly Rechargeable 6” Fan with Night Light Blue at 40% off for only P599 (from an original price of P999) at Surplus Shop via the SM Malls Online app, where you can also score up to 60% discounts on other home items.

Less waiting, more self-care with Watsons Pharmacy

Are you feeling a bit under the weather lately? You might need to incorporate the Berocca Effervescent Tablet in Orange Flavor into your daily routine. These multivitamin tablets help give you an energy and performance boost while reducing tiredness and fatigue so you can power through your daily tasks better. 

Its formula includes 12 essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamins B and C. These vitamins and minerals work together to help your body release and absorb more energy from your food. Simply dissolve a Berocca tablet in water to create a fizzy drink for you to take once a day—then enjoy the boost in performance and productivity it can help you with.

Get the Berocca Effervescent Tablet Orange Flavor 30s for only P393.50 (from an original price of P562) at Watsons Pharmacy via the SM Malls Online app.

Wait less and accomplish more of your daily tasks and activities with same-day delivery finds from the SM Malls Online app! Get everything you need for any shopping emergency within three hours by ordering through the app, and make sure to use the voucher code FREEDELIVERY on purchases worth at least P500 to save more on its delivery fee.

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