Restaurants with Birthday Promo: Celebrate Your Special Day with Treats


Getting a year older is a milestone many of us look forward to annually.

It’s a beautiful reminder of the journey that we’ve had in the past 365 days and it allows us to be grateful for the experiences that we’ve been through.

At the same time, we also get to share this special day with the people closest to our hearts. Bringing our friends and family together in one space lets us appreciate the beauty of life more and makes us feel the love around us.

Just like all Filipino gatherings, such feasts are never complete without delicious food to bond over. It’s ingrained in our tradition to either prepare a spread of dishes at home or head to a restaurant for a memorable birthday bash.

If your birthday is just around the corner, this article is for you. We’ve outlined 6 restaurants with birthday promo in SM Supermalls! Unlock more core memories with your loved ones as you spend your significant day with them.

Fill your stomach with an exceptional hotpot meal at Tong Yang

Even when it’s not drizzling, we cannot deny that hotpot season is always a good option when our heart longs for a warm, generous meal. Hotpot sessions give us the opportunity to customize our bowls according to our topping preferences and also allow us to be a chef as we cook the ingredients we’ve chosen.

Having your birthday celebration at a hotpot place hits home which is why Tong Yang is the first on our list. With more than a hundred seafood, meat, and vegetables to choose from, you’re surely up for a meal you won’t easily forget.

Aside from a hearty hotpot, the same buffet of fresh ingredients is available for you to whip up on a grill. If it’s not soup night for all your peers, they may opt for the grill option instead for a Korean-style barbeque party!

Visit a branch near you on your birthday or during your birth month to avail yourself of their Tong Yang birthday promo to eat for free as long as you’re with one full-paying adult! Make sure you bring an original valid ID with your birthdate and photo for proof. Nothing beats spoiling yourself with food knowing that it’s all paid for already!

Enjoy a comforting bowl of ramen from Ramen Nagi

You know what they say, eat noodles on your birthday for a longer life. Although there’s a specific kind of birthday noodle for this age-old tradition, many people consider all types of noodles to fulfill the same purpose.

Following this practice won’t hurt, so take your shot at it and satisfy your ramen cravings at Ramen Nagi on your special day. As one of the staples in the ramen scene in the country, this resto offers authentic and flavorful Japanese noodle soup dishes.

Needless to say, they also pioneer the ramen craze that Filipinos have, especially by providing comfort in every bowl. To top it off, they have kiddie meals that definitely put a smile on your little ones’ faces!

No doubt, taking advantage of the Ramen Nagi birthday promo brings more happiness to an already extravagant day. Their OG Butao King is on the house when you’re with two full-paying buddies who will order any of the bowls on the resto’s birthday list. Present a physical copy of your valid ID to claim this promo.

Here’s to a mouthwatering serving of ramen to celebrate!

Relish in the classic dishes you and your family love at Shakey’s

No matter how many pizza parlors open shop in the Philippines, we always go back to a fun family restaurant — Shakey’s.

Famously adored for its thin-crust pizza, their version exudes a crispy yet still slightly chewy texture which balances the flavors from its toppings. There are also lots of pizza variants to choose from such as the classic Pepperoni Pizza Americana and their delectable Scallop Primo Pizza.

Not just that, but the kiddos are always so excited to munch on the well-seasoned mojos at Shakey’s. These sliced potatoes are an instant winner on the dinner table as they can be eaten alone or dipped in different sauces like Zesty Caesar, Garlic Ranch, Smoky Barbeque, and Cheddar De Luxe.

As a gift on your big day, you get to make use of the Shakey’s birthday promo when you have the Shakey’s SuperCard to get your hands on a 15% one-time-use discount on your birth month. Keep in mind that this only applies when you dine in or order for take out.

Not only is this rewards card useful during birthdays, but you also get to take pleasure in numerous discounts and freebies when you’re dining in, ordering for delivery, or taking out all year round!

Go on a food adventure with the wide range of cuisines that you’ll find at Vikings

Given that birthdays only come once a year, it’s just the right time to have a cheat day and feast on your fave dishes! We get a free pass to skip our diet and simply fill our tummies with good food.

One of the best ways to do so is by opting for an eat-all-you-can resto where you get to choose from various cuisines all over the globe. On top of that, you have the opportunity and freedom to go for a second or third round on any of the dishes — whether that be an appetizer, main course, or dessert!

Looking forward to a buffet birthday celebration? Well, we’d vouch for Vikings without any hesitation, for it’s known to be the largest buffet place in the country, serving fresh sashimi, juicy pork belly, traditional Vietnamese pho, and lots more.

What’s even more interesting is that they’re not all about quantity, but they also put the quality of their food to a high standard which is why they’re all worth the calories!

Furthermore, their interiors are exquisitely and elegantly designed for precious celebrations. Going on a food trip is done in style here at this go-to spot, so it’ll certainly elevate the experience and memories you’ll have for that day.

Don’t miss out on the chance to grab their Vikings birthday promo as you and your family won’t regret it! Celebrate your birth month and come with four full-paying adults to have your buffet feast for free! Make birthdays even more special with unlimited servings of scrumptious food.

Gather your friends and family for a birthday bash at Chili’s

No other restaurant screams ‘family’ like Chili’s with its huge servings — feeding large groups and making sure each one leaves the place with a happy tummy. With over two decades of being in the food scene, it has certainly made a name for itself and has been part of many festivities.

Aside from the outstanding Tex-Mex eats like Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadillas and Tostada Chips and Salsa that they prepare, Chili’s is also known for having a laidback yet celebratory ambiance. This is partnered with the fun cocktails that they mix up and irresistible desserts that they put together, enabling us to have the time of our lives while dining in.

That said, inviting your fambam and besties here won’t disappoint, especially when you maximize a Chili’s birthday promo. As a home for celebrations, you and your loved ones are surely up for a blast when you make your way to Chili’s on your birthday, especially as you get a free dessert on your special day!

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