Here Comes the Sun…and So Are the Refreshing Drinks to Keep You Cool All Summer Long


It’s that time of the year again! When you’re spending as much time outside as possible this summer (because we can now!), there’s nothing better than having a refreshing cooler in hand. 

Summer days are long and steamy, which means you’re likely to find yourself hydrating day and night, so we’ve gathered must-try drinks to sip on while soaking up the sun and celebrating the return of warm weather (plus all the fun that comes with it). 

Below, your summer sips to enjoy all season long. 


Boba is still very much booming and shows no sign of slowing down. And it’s easy to understand the massive appeal—it’s part drink and part snack or dessert, sometimes fruit-based, and most of the time, creamy and almost milkshake-like. What’s not to love? 

Every cup is worth the refreshing slurp at Tealive, as their offerings make for a year-round ice-cold treat in a tropical country like ours. Cool down with their flavor-filled cups at a buy-1, get-1 promo when you order via the SM Malls Online app. Buy their Nutty Delight Large Series at P170 and score an Original Milk Tea Jr. for free, or purchase their Nutty Delight Regular Series at P140 and get an Original Milk Tea Jr. for free as well. 

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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Want something different from your usual milk tea or brown sugar drink? We can’t recommend this enough—CoCo Fresh & Tea Juice’s Salty Cream Chocolate. 

Made with a Milo chocolate slush (how nostalgic!) and a generous layer of velvety and salty cream cheese, the concoction is a dream for the ‘chocoholic’ in all of us. Order the regular cup for only P110 or the large variant for P120. 

Macao Imperial Tea

Sip, relax, and repeat! This should be your mantra when you swing by at Macao Imperial Tea to sample their slew of Tea Coolers Series in collaboration with Twinings of London, the oldest tea label in the world since 1706. 

There are six distinct summer beverages in the menu—Lemon Ginger Tea, Strawberry Mango Tea, Earl Grey Lemon Tea, Mango Jasmine Green Tea, Cheesecake Peach Tea, and Camomile Honey Tea with Vanilla. These cooling antidotes to this season’s steamy temps blend fruity and zingy flavors with the classic offerings of the world-famous British tea brand. 

Take a swig of their Cheesecake Peach Tea, created with a peach-flavored black tea base and cheesecake blend from Macao if you want something rich and indulgent. Their Strawberry Mango Tea, on the other hand, is the perfect pick this season with a combo of strawberry and mango flavors coupled with fresh mango bits and white pearls. For a citrus kick, we recommend their Lemon Ginger Tea—an elevated and ice-cold ‘salabat’ that invigorates. 

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