Home Bakers, Here’s What You Should Always Have On Hand In Your Baking Pantry


Whether you’re a seasoned baking pro or a home baker who’d like to turn their love for pies and pastries into a small startup, you’ll need the essential tools of the trade to whip up your favorite recipes. Hence, a well-stocked baking pantry is in order. 

But as it turns out, you don’t need all the fancy gear and specialty tools to get you started or to produce amazing bakes. Instead, keep your list of baking supplies short and sweet for the time being, and just add to it as you go along. That is, when you feel you’re fully ready and have the proper space and budget to go all out.

Here, we’ve rounded up a home baker’s non-negotiables plus some nice-to-haves for your everyday baking nook. And you’re in luck, as all these can be easily purchased via the SM Malls Online app! You can opt for same-day delivery for your orders, and you can save more when you use the voucher code BAKING250 to get P250 off on a minimum purchase of P750. If you're planning to stock up, use BAKING350 to get P350 off whenever you spend at least P950! Bonus: New users can use the voucher code BAKING50OFF to get 50% off your purchase with no minimum spend. 

The must-haves

A beginner’s baking inventory starts with the basics—these are key ingredients for tackling all-day baking projects. With these building blocks, you’ll have everything you need to stir up cookies, muffins, cakes, pies, and pancakes. Everything after that will just be icing on the cake, so to speak—trust us. 


It’s named all-purpose flour for a reason—it’s your baking jack-of-all-trades. Every baking recipe starts with this fundamental. Shop Wonderbake’s Wooden Spoon All-Purpose Flour 1kg via the SM Malls Online app for only P61. 

Powdered Sugar