Achieve Femme Freshness With This Revolutionary Intimate Care Treatment


Let’s address a very important elephant in the room first. Feminine care isn’t taboo—it’s necessary. While some may shy away from this topic altogether, it’s a discussion that we ought to have regularly among ourselves. After all, it’s a way to foster body literacy, reclaim our body, and, perhaps, find more effective ways on how to properly look after it. 

Thankfully, there has been a fundamental shift in the space of intimate care in the past years, seeing more women speaking about “v-care” since it’s also a huge part of women’s health as a whole. 

As the conversation around vaginal care evolves, so does the wealth of information and treatments available to women. In lieu of this, Pink Parlour’s now introducing an innovative feminine care treatment for the intimate area. Called V-Detox, it’s a comprehensive and totally safe procedure that goes beyond our traditional feminine care routines. 

Taking care of lady business

V-Detox combines a meticulous process with specialized ingredients to remove dead skin cells, smoothen bumps around the bikini line, prevent acne, help with hyperpigmentation, and maintain healthy and hydrated skin in the vaginal area. 

You’d be happy to know that it achieves all of these without disrupting your normal pH balance and delicate vaginal microflora—making it safe for your sensitive private parts. 

Pink Parlour’s V-Detox is in order if you’re seeing these signs in your nether region: dry, flaky, and congested skin, bumpy spots and ingrown hair, thick and curly hair, and acne formation. 

It just takes four steps

A holistic approach to cleansing and rejuvenating the bikini area, the V-Detox treatment incorporates various techniques, including exfoliation, hydration, and the application of targeted products, to eliminate toxins, soothe the skin, and promote overall wellness.

And, it only takes four steps to complete the treatment. 

Brazilian waxing. A Pink Parlour aesthetician will start by eliminating unwanted hair, which is an essential step to prep your skin for the next stages. 

Calming the skin. A soothing treatment will then be applied to nurture your delicate skin, getting it primed for the detoxification phase. 

Hydro Jelly Detox. This is a rose extract that’s rich in vitamin C, trace elements, and minerals necessary to refresh and nourish the skin. 

Bump Topical Solution. The final step addresses any remaining bumps, ensuring a smooth and bump-free outcome. The solution is a combination of salicylic and glycerin that hydrates the skin while gently unclogging the pores.

Why get a V-Detox?

Pink Parlour’s V-Detox uses anti-inflammatory ingredients with natural anti-microbial properties so it essentially calms and nourishes the skin, effectively reducing redness and irritation, alleviating discomfort, and ensuring a clean and healthy intimate area. 

It also treats ingrown hair and breakouts via the exfoliation process by gently removing dead skin cells and unclogging hair follicles. This results in a smoother, bump-free bikini area.

The post-waxing routine can also help reveal a brighter and lighter complexion, restoring the skin’s natural radiance. 

Lastly, the V-Detox ritual allows you to indulge in self-care—promoting relaxation, enhancing your overall wellbeing, and boosting confidence. 

Final word

If you want to take care of your lady business, replace self-consciousness with self-confidence, Pink Parlour’s V-Detox is the catch-all treatment you should definitely try. 

Apart from the beauty aspect of the V-Detox, there’s the pleasure and pampering factor to consider, too—providing you with a greater sense of empowerment control down there. 

Even better: You can now opt this transformative treatment at 20% off (now only P1,360 from P1,700) until September 19. Simply download this exclusive e-voucher and present it at Pink Parlour in SM City North EDSA or S Maison. 

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