Ladies, Ditch Your At-home Waxing Kits With This Ouch-free Hair Removal


Despite the occasional rain and thunderstorms that we’ve been experiencing lately, beach season’s still pretty much in full swing—and we’re here for it. You’ve probably booked one or two (or more) travel destinations this summer, and that means bikini bottoms are waving and swimsuits are begging to be worn. 

Apart from planning your numerous OOTDs, beach essentials, and itineraries, prepping for a revenge summer bod’s probably at the top of your list, making sure you’re hair-free down there up to your gams. If and when you choose to groom your bikini area is completely your call, but if you feel like bikini hair removal’s your jam, there’s nothing wrong to go aboard the Brazilian wax train. 

The results are notably longer lasting than what you’d get with shaving, depilatory creams, and DIY waxing, especially when you have it done by a licensed expert, not to mention that it also largely minimizes the risk of razor burn, nicks, and ingrown hair. 

Almost painless

If you’ve toyed with the idea of a Brazilian wax but always heard horror stories of how painful and daunting it could be, then Pink Parlour’s Almost Painless Brazilian Waxing is your best option. 

Now, Brazilian waxes aren’t known for being a pleasant or easy process, we’re just calling it like it is—but Pink Parlour’s pros take extra precaution when tending to delicate areas and employ tailored and tried-and-tested techniques to suit your body shape and size, making the procedure bearable, comfortable, and, yes, almost pain-free. 

Like any other procedure that targets sensitive areas, such as the pubic region, there’s a little bit of learning curve involved here. Whether you’re a Brazilian virgin or a regular, the idea of having someone other than yourself working on your intimate area can admittedly be nerve-wracking for anyone—but it doesn’t have to be and won’t be when you’re in the expert care of Pink Parlour’s professional aestheticians. 

Flawless, smooth gams

While you’re at it, you can complete your hairless experience with the studio’s Full Leg Waxing treatment. Might as well go all out, right? 

Pink Parlour’s leg waxing experience is fast, efficient, and always personalized to suit your individual skin type and hair needs. Using only the best quality strip wax with specially formulated hypoallergenic ingredients, the treatment leaves no skin breakage or sticky residue. 

Should I get waxed?

For starters, waxing gives your skin a smoother and softer feeling since the hairs are removed from the root below the skin’s surface. But it doesn’t just pull up unwanted hair, it also thoroughly but gently exfoliates dry and dead skin cells, resulting in an overall improved skin texture sans lumps, rashes, and ingrown hair. 

Additionally, and perhaps one of the best reasons to get a good waxing, the treatment has been proven to cause slower and lesser hair regrowth in between appointments. Results last around three to four weeks—longer than when you shave with a razor that only cuts the hair shaft on the skin’s surface. 

Consistent waxing sessions that weaken the hair follicle over time also produce finer, sparser hair once they grow back. Genetics, however, still determines most of the characteristics of your hair, such as coarseness and growth rate, so it’ll take some time to see a substantial change, but it’s definitely possible to notice changes with regular appointments. 

Your skin will also be less prone to inflammation and discoloration. Repeated shaving that causes skin-to-skin friction can make your skin thicker, irritated, and more inflamed and pigmented in the long run. Waxing, on the other hand, relieves the skin from repeated friction, as it only takes one appointment a month to get rid of unwanted hair. This lets your skin breathe and recover fully before the next session. 

Last, but not the least, you’ll totally enjoy the attention and meticulousness of Pink Parlour’s pros. They know exactly how to handle every step of the process and have the right techniques and plenty of experience under their belt to get the job done. 

Let the pros at Pink Parlour give you the best hairless experience you deserve. Swing by at their SM City North EDSA or S Maison studio for their Almost Painless Brazilian Waxing and Full Leg Waxing treatments today. 

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