Ultimate Fur Parent Guide: 5 Paw-Friendly Spots for Your Fur Babies


For many of us, our furry friends mean the world to us. They snuggle with us after a long day, stay by our side when we need a companion, and provide as much emotional support when we’re stressed.

Aside from showing them some basic TLC such as feeding and giving them a proper shelter, it’s also important to let them explore the world outside the four corners of your home. Delving deeper into dogs, The Animal Foundation expounds that bringing them out even just for a walk decreases their boredom and allows them to interact with other fellow pets.

Good thing there are lots of pet-friendly spots where you can have a fun day out with your beloved woofers! To give you a few no-brainer options, we’ve narrowed down 5 places you can take your doggos and make long-lasting memories with them.

Here’s to cherishing each moment with our fur babies!

Let your doggos make friends at The Puppy Playcare Center

Want your woofer to make new friends? Well, The Puppy Playcare Center is just the right place for them as they get to run around and play with doggos of different breeds and sizes!

As an off-leash and cage-free area, they also get to maximize an indoor play yard while still being under the supervision of a trained staff. Here, no pup bullying is allowed, so it’s a safe space for your dogs to play nice and simply have fun.

It’s certainly an interactive experience that your puppies will be excited to have every chance they get. Rain or shine, play dates are made more fun and accessible with The Puppy Playcare Center in SM Aura Premier!

Aside from the play care side, there are other services that this spot offers such as grooming. What a great way to cap off a few hours of letting your dog have some fun by pampering them with a clean and fluffy look! Not only did your puppies get to socialize, but they also get to leave the center with a fresh appearance and better overall health and well-being.

Grab every pet essential that you need at Pet Express

If you’re looking for a place where you can splurge and find all the cutest pet supplies for your canine companion, make your way to Pet Express. Since 2009, it has been the go-to of many furparents as it’s considered the biggest retail superstore for pet supplies, selling both local and imported brands.

Among their wide selection of tried-and-tested products include dog treats, multivitamins, dog toys, and harnesses. Not only does this shop cater to the needs of adorable puppies, but it also offers must-haves and accessories for felines such as cat milk, litter boxes, and scratching posts.

Moreover, they also offer quality veterinary services in their branches. With licensed veterinarians, your pets are surely in good and safe hands. After a quick check-up, you may also head to their very own pharmacy for any medical needs.

Should you need a place for your pets to stay for a bit as well, Pet Express also has boarding services wherein they look after your puppies and kittens for a certain period of time!

Spend quality time with your doggo over good food at The Paw Club

Dining out with your lovely pets is now possible in some places, and The Paw Club is one of the spots that permits you to do so.

What’s amazing is that you and your doggo both get to satiate your appetite and leave with a full tummy. With the pet menu that The Paw Club offers, you get to choose pet-safe food options for your furbaby like liver pupcakes and grilled chicken breast. Additionally, there are water bowls situated at each table, so your pets could get hydrated whenever they feel like it.

Of course, a wide selection of scrumptious food is available for us, dog owners! Their best-sellers include the Pomodoro Basil Pasta which is a classic take on a red sauce pasta fave and Good Morning! Sandwich which is a croissant filled with bacon, sunny-side-up egg, and cheddar cheese. Aside from that, you can also choose from their sweet crepes and waffles to cap off your meal.

Other than taking pleasure in a filling meal with your doggo, you also get the opportunity to have them groomed here. While you’re sitting peacefully and sipping your hot cup of joe, you also get to watch your precious pets get bathed, blow-dried, and cleaned.

Spending time at The Paw Club in SM By the Bay makes a restful time both for you and your dearest doggo!

Take pet grooming to the next level at Furry Tails

Ready to take grooming to the next level? That’s exactly what Furry Tails is all about, especially with their unique list of services!

To be more specific, they are masters in pet styling, hair coloring, and putting on fabulous nail polish on mutts. They also have areas for aromatherapy and massage for dogs which soothes them and balances their emotions.

On top of that, Furry Tails also has a space for thalassotherapy which is an anti-bacterial treatment using mud wraps to eliminate toxins and waste from our pup’s skin and coat. This detox acts against skin diseases, muscular fatigue, and stress.

Besides their pawsome grooming services, they also have a doggie daycare where you can have a reliable place to leave your pets while you’re running errands. Similar to other daycare centers, your doggos are welcomed into a huge playground kit all for them to run around and interact with other fellow pets.

Put a premium on the overall health of your furbabies with Bow & Wow

Health is wealth (yes, even for our sweet fur babies)! Bow & Wow puts this in high regard as seen through their efforts to produce and deliver premium and healthy treats for our pets.

Their products are all-natural and pose wholesome benefits to our dogs and cats. By providing nutritious food in the form of high-protein and low-calorie formulas, furparents get to help prevent illnesses and complications such as obesity.

Going beyond dietary needs and food, Bow & Wow also pushes the overall health and well-being of furbabies forward through their anti-tick and anti-flea products like shampoo and collars. Surely, taking greater care of your furbabies is more convenient with the help of Bow & Wow.

While you’re having the best time of your life with your pets, spoil them more by snapping up their must-haves at the lowest price possible thanks to SM Deals’ promos and vouchers. Making your fur babies comfortable and stylish is now made more affordable through these discounted pet deals.

Don’t forget to download and check out the SM Malls Online app for any other pet finds such as litter boxes, cute costumes, and pet shampoo. Have a blast shopping for your dearest woofer!

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