OMG! There’s Finally An App That Lets You Order Your Cravings From Different Restos With Only One Delivery Fee


Imagine this dilemma: You and your family are deciding the day’s menu for your lunch or dinner at home. You’re craving your favorite comfort food, ramen—but your mom wants brownies… which aren’t available in Japanese restos. Your dad also wants to order from his go-to burger place, but your siblings are looking at you with puppy dog eyes in hopes that you’ll buy them chicken wings.

If you want to get a thumbs up from everyone, you have to order separately from different restaurants and hence, pay multiple delivery fees—or do you, really?

The answer is no, thanks to the SM Malls Online app! The SM Malls Online app lets you order from two or more restaurants while paying only one delivery fee. This service is available in Metro Manila with options of express or long-distance delivery for up to 10km distance from your selected SM mall.

Take cues from the Thumbs family, who have different food faves but always eat together thanks to the SM Malls Online app. Know more about how Belle and the Thumbs family enjoy their fave food through the SM Malls Online app with this fun and quirky animated video:

Ready to get your cravings delivered in one go? Start off with these great food deals from crowd-favorite restaurants at the SM Malls Online app!

Zark’s Burgers

Big burgers for big cravings—that’s what the Filipino-owned burger chain Zark’s Burger is best known for. If you want a taste of the meaty goodness it offers, you should try their best-selling Zark’s Ultimate Burgers. This burger doesn’t scrimp on ingredients, as proven by its mouthwatering stack of a juicy 1/4 pounder beef patty, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, and cheese sauce.

Fun fact: Two Zark’s Ultimate Burgers will originally cost you P398, but you can get them for only P199 until March 16. Score this buy one, get one deal by ordering from Zark’s Burgers via the SM Malls Online app.

Wing Zone 

Enjoy a crispy lunchtime treat in Wing Zone’s Classic Wings, which are fuzed with flavors that vary from sweet to savory to suit your mood and cravings. You can also choose levels of spiciness for these made-to-order buffalo wings, which are crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. 

Did you know that from an original price of P529, you can get 12 pieces of Wing Zone’s Classic Wings for only P370.30 when you order it right now via the SM Malls Online app? That’s right! Enjoy this 30% discount on Wing Zone’s Classic Wings (both 6 pcs and 12 pcs) until March 31.

Brownies Unlimited

Good news: Brownies Unlimited lets you and your fam indulge in your favorite brownie flavors with their box of pre-assorted treats that feature each of their best-selling flavors like Double Chocolate, Red Velvet Swirl, Walnut Swirl, Cookie Dough, and Rocky Road. 

From an original price of P320, you can get a box of 12 pre-assorted brownies at 30% off for only P224 when you order through the SM Malls Online app. This 30% discount is available on all Pre-Assorted Boxes at Brownies Unlimited until March 15.


Treat yourself to the best of Japanese cuisine with Botejyu’s appetizing menu, which features their best-selling Pork Miso Tonkotsu Ramen, a creamy ramen noodle dish that contains a tasty combo of firm noodles, miso (soya beans) base broth, ajitama (also known as ramen eggs), and umami grilled Char Siu Pork. 

Right now, you can get a bowl of Botejyu’s Pork Miso Tonkotsu Ramen for only P312.38. That’s 30% off its original price of P446.25! You can also enjoy 30% off on selected items from Botejyu when you order from the SM Malls Online app until March 31. 

Bonus: Vouchers for your use

Aside from the restaurant discounts and only-one-delivery-fee-for-everything, you can also save up on your SM Malls Online app order using awesome vouchers like the following:

2orMOREEATS, which gives you a P100 discount on minimum orders worth P500 from two or more restaurants. This code is valid for express and long-distance delivery only.

2orMOREBINGE, which lets you enjoy P200 off a minimum P1,000 purchase from two or more restaurants. This code is valid for express and long-distance delivery only.

And lastly, 2orMOREFREEDELIVERY, which entitles you to free shipping (for a max worth of P59 only) on minimum purchases worth P300 from two or more restaurants. This code is valid for express delivery only.

Get a thumbs up from everyone by ordering their favorite food through the SM Malls Online app. With just one delivery fee even for orders from multiple restaurants, you and your family will surely enjoy a great mealtime at home without draining your wallet. 

For more exciting deals and discounts, visit SM Deals or download the SM Malls Online app!