These Japanese-flavored Treats Will Make Your Pooch Woof With Approval


This goes without saying—if you’ve got a food-motivated pup or if you’re looking for a tasty incentive during training, the right dog treats can make a whole lot of difference. Your beloved pooch’s main diet’s the priority, of course, but a lot comes into play as well when picking out the best munchies for your furry friend. 

As a doting and caring hooman, you want something your pup will love and to keep them healthy, too. Apart from the usual slew of typical dental chews and biscuits, there are more options than ever before. Today, we’re narrowing down your choices to these Japanese-flavored specialty treats from Thailand-based Prama. 

Delicacy snack

Prama only uses fresh chicken meat as their snacks’ main ingredient combined with a blend of pet-safe ingredients for your pal alongside natural flavors and aromas, which can boost and satisfy your pooch’s appetite while promoting good health and longevity. 

Some of Prama’s staple, dog-approved choices include smoky bacon, Italian salami, grilled beef, chicken liver, milk, and salmon. As of late, though, these yummy dog sticks now come in Japanese delicacy flavors—Maguro (tuna), Nori Seaweed, and Takoyaki. Oishii! All variants are made with real fish, with the Nori derived from real seaweed and the Takoyaki with additional probiotics.  

The breakdown

Each 50-gram pack of Prama’s Japanese-inspired flavors is specially crafted and infused with vitamins and minerals, Omega3, DHA, EPA and is also hypoallergenic, so they’re less likely to cause allergies or intolerances. 

Omega3’s one of the most recommended supplements you can add to your dog’s diet, as it strengthens the immune system, helps with arthritis (perfect for senior dogs!), reduce inflammation, increase the ability to fight cancer, and benefit heart health. 

DHA and EPA, on the other hand, are both fatty acids that also contribute to good overall health—with DHA being essential to the nervous system and EPA acting as an anti-inflammatory agent for skin allergies and other types of medical conditions including kidney and cardiovascular diseases. 

For good boys and girls

Prama’s Delicacy Dog Snacks are best for dogs aged over three months. Just make sure you also limit your pet’s calories from treats to 10 percent or less of their daily caloric need, as too much would be unhealthy. So, reward or give as a snack with moderation and adjust their food portions accordingly. 

You can stock up on Prama’s Delicacy Dog Snacks in Maguro, Nori Seaweed, and Takoyaki for only P165 apiece at Pet Zoofari in SM Lanang Premier. These textured nibbles will wow even the pickiest eater or those with a refined palate. 

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