Hot Tool Alert: Cop This Budget-friendly Hair Dryer for Salon-level Blowouts


Ladies (and gents), we all deserve sleek, smooth styling sans the frizz, flyaway, excessive heat damage, and long drying times—especially on days when we want to have a good hair day—in the comfort of our own homes. There’s no reason to head to the salon when you can easily DIY a professional-level blowout, right? But that’s only possible if you’ve got a top-quality hot tool to help you with. 

According to hair experts and celebrity hairstylists, best results happen with a hair dryer with enough amount of power combined with the best type of airflow and the lightest weight possible. However, it’s slightly tricky to know where to start, with so many impressive, high-tech hair picks on the market today. You also have to consider some factors: your hair type and the blow dryer technology and features you prefer. 

So, how do you select the right tool then? If you’re starting to dip your toes into hairstyling, we suggest you opt for a beginner-friendly pick like the Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300. It’s lightweight, compact, and a breeze to use (pun intended), but packs a lot of innovative features you’d want to achieve and serve salon-worthy looks. 

Dries hair quickly

The Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 receives high marks for drying hair in a jiffy without damaging it, thanks to its strong airflow that allows moisture to evaporate quickly. It reaches a drying rate of up to 6.1g/min aka a good mass flow rate for a blower. 

The H300 also drew working principles of aircraft turbine engines for its design, featuring curved blades, a high-performance motor, and an air outlet that decreases loss of wind power and improves air speed. Sounds scientifically fancy, but this is exactly everything you need in a great hair dryer—allowing you to get in and out of the shower all high and dry as quickly as possible. 

Leaves locks smooth and shiny

Perhaps the exceptional feature we love about the H300 is its ionic technology. It’s the type of hair dryer that gives off a negative ionic charge—50 million of it to be specific. Its built-in ion generator counteracts the positive ionic charges in your hair caused by damaged cuticles and, even, water. 

By using H300’s ionic tech, you not only get to repel water easily and quickly, you’re also able to lock in hair moisture, reduce static electricity, leave behind a soft, smooth, and lustrous finish. For the most part, ionic hair dryers are best suited for thicker, dry, and frizzy tresses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t snag one for your non-curly or finer locks. 

Essentially, think of the H300 as a must-have hairstyling fix that’ll afford you a fast and gentle dry to improve your overall hair health. 

Other things to love

The H300 sports a separate nozzle, which you can install for concentrated and convenient styling. This concentrated nozzle’s the real key to achieving salon-level results for its ability to precisely hit hard-to-reach areas, directing airflow exactly where you want it to go to help your hair cuticles lay flat. And, flat cuticles mean more sheen, less frizz. 

There’s also a nifty temperature control setting in the H300, so you can toggle freely between hot and cold air and control air speed. Just choose from the three stable heat settings and your preferred temp will be automatically saved and enabled the next time you power on the dryer. 

Regular hair dryers are often loud and heavy, but the H300 isn’t either—again thanks to its ionic tech and air-flow resistance, which reduces noise transmission for a quieter and more pleasant styling and drying experience. 

Plus, it’s ergonomically designed with a comfortable grip and ultra-short casing at only 9.5cm (3.7 inches)—around 40% shorter than the length of typical hair dryers and about the length of a lipstick tube. So handy and small it can fit in your everyday purse.

Final takeaway

The Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 appears to be a no-frills, unassuming option upon first glance, but it’s incredibly portable and quiet, and its fast-acting motor and ionic generator make it a total standout. 

It’s grippy for comfortable styling, and equipped with three heat settings, making it easy to manage all hair types. Did we mention that it’s under P2,000? 

Shop the Mi Ionic Hair Dryer H300 at the Mi store in SM City Rosario today. 

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