Meat-free Meals To Satisfy Your Taste Buds This Lenten Season


For many practicing Christians in the country, Fridays during Lent are all about abstaining from red meat. And we know what this means—lots of seafood in the menu instead. With certain and traditional restrictions on meals during this season, fish is pretty much a staple this time of year. 

If you’re observing this customary practice or simply wanting to give up your favorite meaty plate for Good Friday, you’re in luck. There are still delicious options that should let you get through the season without feeling too deprived. 

Ahead are meatless eats that’ll keep even the biggest meat lovers feeling full and satisfied until Easter—you’re welcome. 

Grilled Salmon from Kenny Rogers

The switch to fish can bring some tasty and healthy results, especially if you’re having this plate of Grilled Salmon from Kenny Rogers at only P450. Each generous serving comes with premium salmon fillet basted with garlic, basil, calamansi, salt and pepper and fire-grilled in canola oil. 

ICYDK—research shows canola is rich in good fats and can help reduce the risk of heart disease, as it only has 7% saturated fat—the least among other common cooking oils, such as olive oil with 63% or coconut oil with 80 to 90%. 

This protein-packed meal’s also served with a tarty lemon butter sauce, your choice of two side dishes, Kenny’s signature corn muffin, and garlic rice. 

Crispy Boneless Tilapia from Mesa Filipino Moderne

A local dish to sample this Holy Week is Mesa’s house specialty—their bestselling Crispy Boneless Tilapia at P495 for a medium plate or P750 for a large serving. 

An order consists of breaded and deep-fried boneless tilapia served with four different sauces: honey bagoong, sweet chili, spicy vinegar, and the restaurant’s own Pinoy-style dip. Each crunchy bite is made flavorful and unique-tasting depending on which sauce you pair it with. We suggest dipping it in the vinegar first so the acid from the sauce cuts through the rich flavor of the fish and helps balance each mouthful. 

Salmon Pepper Rice Set from Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch isn’t just known for their famous Beef Pepper Rice, the dining joint also serves Lent-friendly choices, too, such as their Salmon Pepper Rice Set for P500. 

This is your fresh salmon served in their signature hot-plate style with fluffy white rice that also comes with a Spicy Tuna Salad and a 12-ounce Pepsi drink. Other salmon alternatives include a Salmon Aglio Olio Set for P515, a Teriyaki Double Salmon Set for P615, and a Salmon Cream Pasta Set for P620. 

This Lenten season, let these yummy, fish-focused eats be the star on your plate. These’ll let you step out of your usual fish-and-chips combo and have you craving for more fresh catch—on Lenten Fridays or otherwise. 

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