Match Your Home’s Minimalist Aesthetic With This Retro-chic Wooden Desk Fan


Are you struggling to keep cool at your WFH setup or to work in an office space tucked in a corner with a not-so-great airflow? Chances are, with the amount of time you spend hovering over your laptop on a daily basis, you’re likely to get bogged down by that stuffy area. Your best bet for staying cooler, especially when temps rise? A desk fan. 

Smaller than a stand fan and larger than those mini battery-operated, handheld devices, this nifty essential’s an excellent—and cost-effective—way to keep you and your space cool. Plus, it can help save bucks on your electric bill since you won’t have to crank up your AC 24/7. 

If you don’t have an AC (yup, some of the best of us don’t; nothing to be ashamed about!), a desk fan’s an absolute must—especially when it looks as rustic and minimalist as the 16-inch Asahi XF-6004. 


The Asahi XF-6004 comes in a white or black wooden finish, reminiscent of your grandparents’ good ol’ fan back in the day. The vintage vibe is strong with this one—the wooden chassis calls up lazy, hazy, and tranquil images of childhood past spent lounging around in your granny’s cozy, quaint space. 

Now that minimal, bare aesthetic sensibilities are all the rage, it’s also the perfect functional accessory to spruce up or match your area—place it atop your office table or on your bedroom floor and it’ll easily blend (or stand out) in any setting. 

Easy to maneuver

Unlike huge floor fans and AC units that are intended to stay in the same place all season, the Asahi XF-6004 can be moved from room to room on an as-needed basis. And that’s one of the great things about this cooler—lightweight enough to transport and not difficult to maneuver. 

Cooling power

Even if it clocks in at only 16 inches and roughly 4kg, the Asahi XF-6004 packs the same power as its larger standing counterparts from the same brand. 

It’s got four metal fan blades, a three-speed control, and a high-performance fan motor with a thermal cutoff fuse (a safety function to disconnect the current to the heating element in case of a malfunction aka to keep the fan motor from actually catching on fire). 

While a desk fan doesn’t actually cool the air like an AC, its oscillating action helps in circulating airflow, creating a wind chill effect, helping your body cool itself or do away with lingering odor. And since the Asahi XF-6004 sports three speed settings, you’ll know the desired level of breeze you need every time you turn it on. Trust us, you’ll immediately get blown away even at just the lowest speed setting. FYI—the fan operates quietly, too!

Practical purchase

If you want to keep your space cool (literally and figuratively) and your energy bills low, we highly recommend scooping up the Asahi XF-6004 from Handyman. It just won’t be useful for the warmer months, but for keeping you powder-fresh (and your space’s airflow at its best) all-season long. 

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