Look Expensive With This Timex Luxury Timepiece Now At Half-Off Until The End Of Month


Did you know that, before 1972, stainless-steel watches weren’t really a thing? 

According to horology history (FYI—horology’s the study of time and the art of making timepieces), steel timepieces were only relegated for daytime; people just wore them to work, and the “luxury” dress watches that typically come in real gold were reserved for soirees and events that called for something elegant and smart. 

Gold was the standard at the time—until fine watchmakers were forced to shift the trend. 

A new era

The advent of quartz-powered watches in the ‘70s and early ‘80s was key to this upheaval. Watchmakers who chose to remain solely focused on traditional mechanical watches closed shop. Others in the horology industry opted to adapt the new electronic technology to keep up. 

In order to remain afloat, stainless steel was introduced to the landscape. The material was tough, not delicate, so it was used for utility, not special parties or occasions, but the mere fact that it can be worn to the hilt every single day took on a wider appeal. 

The “luxury” tag came in when watchmakers realized their clients wanted something rare, exclusive, and showcased exemplary craftsmanship—all traits found in a steel timepiece. 

Today, the luxury stainless steel department of the watch market’s stronger than ever, with the likes of Timex using and incorporating the incredibly hard metal in most of their modern creations. 

Plenty of value

When considering a stainless-steel showstopper, aesthetics come into play for the most part. A particular piece looks more timeless and elegant especially when the face is paired with a steel band. 

A great option for those with tighter budgets is the Timex AB Series 3-Hand 33mm with Stainless Steel Band, which still offers plenty of value. This gold-colored hardware spells “luxury” sans the hefty price tag—making a subtle statement piece and allowing you to wear “luxury” on a daily basis. 

At 50% off right now (P2,940 from P5,895), the Timex AB Series 3-Hand 33mm is the perfect glitzy present you can treat yourself to for the holidays. 

Classic, versatile looker