Filipino Pride For All Ages: 7 Traditional and Modern Finds To Spark Your Love for Local


We all have our ways of expressing and taking pride in our Filipino heritage. Some adorn their homes with local crafts, while others walk the streets in pieces from homegrown fashion brands or put Filipino food at the center of any feast. Older generations may prefer classic Filipino styles, while mixing traditional local elements with modern trends may catch the attention of Gen Z and millennials more.

No matter how young or old you are, or whichever you prefer between traditional or modern takes on local finds, there’s a Super Pinoy Deal at SM malls that’ll surely spark your love for local this Independence Day. Discover a mix of hip and classic finds that showcase your Filipino heritage—like our 7 top picks below!

Stylin’ up the quintessential barong

When talking about traditional Filipino fashion, one of the first things that come to mind is the barong. Aside from being the national attire for men, this embroidered garment is commonly worn at formal events such as weddings and graduations. Some also wear the barong as office attire, and if you’re looking for a nice barong to add to your wardrobe, Onesimus has great options from their various collections.

Among those is this half-open collared Formal Barong, which exudes timeless elegance with its simple but stylish design. Available in a regular fit, it is made of faux silk and accentuated with a U-shaped ethnic print and special buttons that follow the traditional barong design. Get this Formal Barong at 10% off when you shop at Onesimus in SM City Cagayan De Oro until June 22.

Local landmarks in your coffee cup

Whether you’re sipping a classic local brew like Kapeng Barako or a trendy drink like Dalgona Coffee, these limited-edition mugs from Starbucks are here to bring a touch of Filipino cultural icons to your everyday cup of joe. 

With the all-new Starbucks Been There series collection, Starbucks brings four mugs that are each designed with beautiful illustrations of famous landmarks and symbols from the Philippines and three of our top tourist destination cities: Manila, Boracay, and Cebu. Get these Limited Edition Starbucks Philippine Destination Mugs at Starbucks in SM City Davao until June 30.

Filipino street food appreciation time

We, Filipinos, take so much pride in our delicious local street food—so much that we highly recommend it as a must-try to any newcomer in the country. That’s why this Kwek Kwek Pattern Tote Bag from Artwork would surely speak to any Filipino’s taste as it takes inspiration from the famous orange-colored deep-fried and boiled quail eggs that you can find in almost any local street food stand. 

Made of comfy and durable cotton canvas material, this cute tote features silk-screen printed Kwek Kwek patterns that are perfect for Filipino millennials’ fun and quirky OOTDs. It also uses velcro to secure your essentials and has an inner pocket for neater and more organized storage. 

Score this Kwek Kwek Pattern (Tote Bag) at Artwork in SM City Valenzuela until June 30.

Yes to local and traditional materials

What else screams “traditional local material” better than abaca, which comes from the fibers of banana species native to the Philippines and is also called Manila Hemp? Filipinos have long used abaca as a material for fashion items, such as timelessly stylish and comfortable slippers for women.

This pair of Abaca Slides with Leather Braid Straps from Kultura is a prime example. Its open-toe design lets your feet breathe freely, while the durable and high-quality native materials ensure that it’ll last for a long time. Get these Abaca Slides with Leather Braid Straps for only P499.75 at Kultura in The Podium.

Spotlight on: Products of Pinoy talent

Filipinos are known worldwide for their talent, and among those is writing. From novels to songs and movie scripts, we have notable writers like Dr. Jose Rizal, Nick Joaquin, and Lualhati Bautista who carry the Filipino flag in history. 

Of course, this writing talent has been passed down to the current generation. Among those who have touched hearts with their writing works is the young Pinay author maxinejiji, who penned the “He’s Into Her” book series. The series already inspired a popular local drama adaptation of the same name, and it features three novels with elements of romance, comedy, and family drama. 

For millennials and Gen Z who want a glimpse of Filipino talent in writing, the “He’s Into Her” series is definitely a must-read. Get all three books from the “He's Into Her” series by maxinejiji for only P2,097 with this book bundle, available at National Bookstore in SM Center Ormoc until June 30.

Long live classic Filipino food

Whether as a party staple or comfort food, Pancit Palabok has a special place in the heart of many Filipinos. This local noodle dish is immersed in a tasty shrimp sauce that gives it its trademark orange color and slightly gooey texture.

Mayong's Bakeshop Snackhouse serves their version of the iconic Pancit Palabok in a traditional bilao, with toppings and ingredients that stick to the classic recipe such as hard-boiled eggs and cooked shrimp. Order this Bilao of Palabok for only P525 at Mayong's Bakeshop Snackhouse in SM Center Ormoc until June 30.

Mixing up your fave local dessert

Always leave room for dessert—especially if it’s an iconic Filipino sweet treat like halo-halo. If ube is your favorite part of this local dessert fave, Kuya J Restaurant has excellent news: They have a version of the ever-yummy halo-halo that packs extra ube into the mix. 

Meet the Ube Halo-Halo Espesyal, a dessert with milky-smooth, ube-flavored ice to satisfy your ube cravings. Despite this ube-centric take, this chiller still features the classic halo-halo toppings that you love—including homemade leche flan, crunchy cornflakes, and sweet ube cream. Indulge in a glass of Ube Halo-Halo Espesyal Regular for only P129 at Kuya J Restaurant in SM Megamall.

Let your Filipino pride shine this Independence Day with Super Pinoy Deals from homegrown brands and restaurants at SM Malls nationwide. For more exciting deals and discounts, visit SM Deals or download the SM Malls Online app!

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