Travel Essentials That Are Light on Your Luggage and Budget


Let’s face it, you probably haven’t packed a suitcase since the lockdowns began. You didn’t really have a reason to, since you were likely only traveling for work and for a few grocery runs (if that counts), but now that tourist destinations are starting to open up after two years, you might feel a bit rusty when it comes to deciding what to pack. Or perhaps you are traveling for the first time as part of your post-lockdown bucket list. 

In any case, we’ve put together a list of budget-friendly options for your packing list. Don’t forget that you can score great sports and outdoor deals and promos with SM Deals.

Sling bag

The first item on your list should be a sling bag or any type of small bag because you wouldn’t want to be lugging your suitcase around in every vacation spot. The most you would bring is probably your phone, your wallet, a water bottle, a power bank, and a small hygiene kit. 

You can easily store these items in the Parisian Erine Crossbody Bag or the National Geographic Pro Sling Bag from The SM Store. If you’re going on a hiking trip where you need a travel backpack to carry all your supplies, you can also consider getting an Adidas Black/White Backpack.

Coin pouch

Sometimes, a wallet isn’t enough to carry the loose change that you will likely accumulate. You don’t want your loose coins sinking to the bottom of your bag or flying out of your wallet the moment you open it, so you might want to get a FORME Ruched Wallet to organize your change.

Charging Cable

It might seem like a no-brainer to bring a charging cable when you travel. After all, you need to keep your phone charged to be able to share your adventures on social media

However, traveling tends to be hectic, and there’s a chance that your charging cable might break or get lost in the middle of your trip, so it’s always handy to bring an extra charging cable. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank since you can find the best tech deals at Cyberzone.

Water Bottle

You can buy bottled water almost anywhere, but the fact that establishments at tourist destinations typically charge a lot for drinks is already a great deal-breaker. This is why it would be smart to bring your own reusable water bottle or flask. 

You don’t have to worry if you have to go to an airport because you can bring empty water bottles and refill them once you get past airport security. There are many hot deals for water containers right now, which include The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Tumblers and Aquaflask stainless steel drinking water bottles.

Hat and Sunglasses

You never know when it could get too hot or sunny, even when you’re traveling to a place with a cool climate. A hat that’s easy to pack will give you protection against UV exposure, and it won’t take up more room in your luggage than a pair of socks.

The FORME Bucket Hat is portable and low-maintenance but extremely functional, and it can also cover your bedhead in case you find yourself rolling out of bed right before you need to head out the door. Sunnies Studios can definitely provide you with stylish sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Not every place is going to be sunny, so it’s better to come prepared with a jacket just in case it rains. It’s a more lightweight option compared to an umbrella because you can always make it part of your OOTD instead of just carrying it around your travel bag. For stylish jackets that will keep you warm and dry, you can visit Columbia Sportswear or The North Face.

Comfortable Shoes

It might be tempting to pack heels to match with your #OOTD, but you most likely will regret it if you have to walk from place to place. Instead, go with comfortable options like the Havaianas You Angra Sandals and the Adidas Fluid Up Running Shoes. Both options come in versatile and neutral colors, so they’d go with anything, and deciding what to wear will be a cinch.


Cleansing wipes, hand sanitizer, and sunblock are essential when you are traveling, but don’t forget about perfume as well. Since you are constantly moving around from place to place, you have to make sure you still smell fresh, especially after a long day in the heat. 

It’s always handy to have a bottle of perfume with you, like the Regatta’s Seascape Woman. You can bring perfume in your suitcase, even if you’re going through an airport. Just make sure to transfer them into a smaller bottle under 3.4oz or 100 ml.


There is surprisingly a lot of waiting time involved while traveling. You often have to wait a few hours at the bus station, at the airport, or at the hotel, and that excludes the actual travel time.

If you are a solo traveler who doesn’t want to strike up a conversation with your chatty seatmate or if you are just looking for ways to pass the time while your travel buddies are sleeping, then don’t forget to pack earphones to make your ride more peaceful or more entertaining. Samsung has their noise-canceling Galaxy Buds 2 or you can go to Miniso for some cute and affordable wired earphones.

Aside from these, don’t forget to bring your vaccine card, passport, and other travel documents required by your destination!

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