Survive the Summer Heat: 6 Cool-down Essentials for Intense Sunny Days


While there are many things to love about summer, there’s one downside to this sunshine-filled season: the sweltering hot weather. In tropical countries like ours, the heat can feel completely on another level—but don’t worry! To combat the rising temperatures, here’s a helpful list of daily must-haves for cooling down and protecting yourself and your loved ones from the intense summer sun.

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Your defense against harmful UV rays

Have fun under the sun without letting harmful ultraviolet rays damage your skin by including a strong sunscreen like the Beach Hut Max Clear Spray Sunscreen SPF100 in your daily routine. With extreme protection at SPF 100++, this sunscreen gives you a long period of defense against UV rays—and its spray-type packaging even makes reapplication more convenient. It also offers broad UVA and UVB spectrum protection, which is important to avoid sunburn, skin aging, and other kinds of sun damage. 

Despite these loaded features and heavy-duty resistance to sweat and water, this sunscreen doesn’t leave a sticky and oily feeling on your skin. This keeps it light and comfortable even when worn under makeup, so it’s perfect for hot and humid days.

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Your ultimate hydration buddy