Exercise Essentials: 7 Go-To Spots for Chic and Comfortable Activewear


The more we grow older, the more we believe that health is wealth.

Aside from having a healthy diet, engaging in physical activities also helps in building and maintaining a healthy body. The U.S.’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms that maintaining a physically active lifestyle paves the way for you to prevent illnesses, fortify your bones, and increase the possibility of living longer.

Certainly, working out is not merely a means to kill time; rather, it’s a lifestyle that we need to embody. That said, it’s a must to be intentional about adding exercise to your day-to-day agenda in order to stay fit.

Since you’ll be stretching, moving your body, and exerting some physical effort during your workout, it’s important to use proper activewear to comfortably exercise and lessen the risk of injuries. Don’t sweat it though as we’re here to help you get started.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 stores you can check out and get your hands on quality exercise clothes. Here’s to pursuing our fitness goals with style, ladies!

Be motivated to exercise with adorable matching sets from TriniActive

Nothing screams workout motivation like wearing a cute matching set when breaking out a sweat. You’ll definitely be pumped up for your routines and sets when you’ve had stylish apparel on.

Don’t forget to take a few workout OOTD photos while you’re at it to track your progress and just really appreciate your look.

If you need a little boost to start your warm-up, we can definitely vouch for the Mila Sports Bra and Mila Shorts in Royal Blue from TriniActive. The sports bra has a unique asymmetrical neckline, an easy slip-on feature, and a sleeveless touch to it in order to give you more freedom when moving.

The ribbed shorts, on the other hand, has a high-rise cut and a stretchy feel to it which contribute to the overall comfort that the set gives. Both are also bodycon fitted which brings about superb compression for your muscles.

Fill your closet with the wide selection of sportswear that Decathlon offers

When it comes to your sports needs, Decathlon never fails to come to mind with its diverse product selection. As a one-stop shop for sports equipment, clothes, and accessories, this store houses gear and activewear for more than 70 sports. Basketball, table tennis, arnis—you name it, they are likely to have exactly what you’re looking for.

This sporting goods store embarked on its humble beginnings in 1976 in France. Started out as a family-run company, Decathlon eventually expanded into different countries after a decade. In 2017, it opened its first store in the Philippines and since then, it has been a go-to spot for anything sports-related. 

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing activewear is breathability, and Decathlon is here to offer just that. Take a look at the Kalenji Run Dry Women's Running T-shirt and give it a try to see how easy it is to move around with this shirt. This garment is designed to fit loosely to ensure comfort as you work up a good sweat while running your 5km for the day, whether on the pavement or on the treadmill.

Go for a quick jog with your Adidas sportswear

Seeing those iconic three stripes is a sign that you’re in for products that are surely worth your moolah. Apart from their durable and eye-catching shoes, their trendy athletic clothes and accessories have been such an unstoppable crowd favorite. One way or another, you’ve seen influencers, sports enthusiasts, and athletes flaunt their Adidas pieces all over their social media feeds.

Of course, this isn’t only for show as this brand prioritizes quality and inclusivity above all else. Go ahead and try their Women's Tennis Match Skirt as its flared style brings about coolness and comfort.

As part of the Gameset collection, this skirt is composed of HEAT.RDY fabric which helps you get through the hottest of days while you’re working out.

Tone your body and get in shape with Nike’s running jacket

Just do it — pushing limits has always been in Nike’s DNA. Through the years, the brand has stood by the message and purpose of motivating their consumers to do what they think they cannot do, reach for their dreams, and bet on themselves.

With that in mind, Nike has produced various collections of athletic apparel, shoes, and accessories, serving as a support and companion in their journey to live out the slogan.

A case in point is their Nike Air Women’s Running Jacket, a bestseller that keeps you warm and dry when you’re jogging and doing exercises outdoors. The jacket is lightweight and loose, so you’ll be wearing a jacket that feels like air. Without a doubt, it’s hassle-free to jog in, and it creates a chic workout look that you’ll want to wear every time.

Hit the gym with a complete athletic outfit from Under Armour

Since 1996, Under Armour has been making waves as a global sports equipment brand. It’s made a name for itself in the industry with moisture-wicking sportswear and durable footwear and as a result are adored by professional athletes and fitness beginners alike.

The Women's HeatGear® Ankle Leggings are a no-fail workout staple thanks to fabric that’s snug but breathable and comfortable.

That’s not all; these leggings have a side pocket, so you can securely place your phone in while capping off a few kilometers or cooling down.

Get your workout look ready with Toby’s Sports

Toby’s Sports has carried products from popular athletic brands since they opened in 1978, making shopping for sportswear and activewear that much more convenient.

With over 160 brands, you’ve got a wide array of apparel and equipment to choose from, especially as you find what best suits your needs and preferences.

Stepping into Toby’s Sports shop anytime soon? Take a peek at their CW-X Women's Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts. It’s vital that our legs feel utmost support and comfort as they go through big movements when working out, and this pair of shorts is a great choice for those whose priority is ventilation. Thanks to its mesh panels situated in the quadriceps area, heat can quickly disperse, making room for cool and breezy air to enter. With this, circulation develops, decreasing the chances of fatigue.

Opt for a relaxing yoga session with a top from Puma

On days when high-intensity workouts are just not an option or if you’re one who simply isn’t into those, yoga might be your best bet. Take on breathing exercises while holding yoga poses from time to time. Not only will this tick off exercising on your to-do list, but it also enhances your flexibility and balance.

Making it a habit to add such sessions in your week also allows you to boost your mental well-being.

Pull up a yoga instructional video or join a class with your besties right after heading to a Puma branch near you to snap up a Studio Printed Cropped Training Top for Women. With powermesh keyholes, this guarantees that there is much space for airflow to occur, making the piece a lot more breathable.

Aside from that, it’s designed with a dryCELL moisture-wicking feature which enables the sweat to stick to the fabric instead of your skin. Because of the said technology, it speeds up the evaporation process of sweat and causes a cooling effect.

As you put on these fashionable ensembles for your workout sessions, always remember that being kinder to yourself and loving your body (yes, including your curves!) goes a long way. Take care of your body and overall health by exercising regularly and showing up for yourself.

At the same time, don’t put any unnecessary pressure on yourself to immediately see results. Working out should be fun, and it takes time to observe its effects on your physique. Be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself!

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