How to Deal with Summer Heat: 5 Tips to Keep You Cool & Refreshed


Let’s be honest, the excessive heat can be quite a bummer to us.

In the dry season where experiencing 35.0°C each day is a norm, it cannot be denied that the heat impacts how our day and mood go. In a research done by Vanderbilt University*, it shows that exposure to the summer heat leads to discomfort and frustration as our heart rate increases. On top of that, stress levels may also be through the roof at this time.

While summer is known for extreme heat, it’s important to take greater strides in order to not find yourself in a heated situation. There are many different ways to beat the heat, and it’s just really all about finding the ones that suit you and help you keep cool. From munching on a few goodies to utilizing some gadgets, we get to turn the heat around, learn to enjoy it, and make the most out of it!

If you’re unsure where to start, you’re in the right place as this article is for you! We’ve listed down 5 tips for you to stay cool this summer. Don’t let the heat stop you from having a great time trying out each one!

Cool down with the icey drinks

One of the go-to means to survive the dreading heat index is by drinking a cold glass of water or fresh juice. Not only does this keep you hydrated but also soothes your body from the heat and gives you the refreshment you truly need. It’s a plus when the beverage contains a couple of fruits as it provides you the right energy to power through the summertime.

Already craving that sweet cold drink? Quench your thirst by heading over to a Bo’s Coffee branch near you and ordering their Berry Tropical Summer drink today.

This berry-licious refreshment screams coolness in all aspects as it oozes in Tsaa Laya herbal infusions — bringing out relaxation in a cup. This refreshment is included in the well-known coffee shop’s summer drink selection alongside their Bughaw Lemonade and is best paired with a savory snack.

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Put on your swimsuit and take a dip with your besties

As a classic activity during the summer, swimming is not only fun, but it’s also a brilliant idea to remain cool despite the hot temperature. This season is perfect for outdoor swimming as kids and kids-at-heart get to enjoy the pool waters while having fun under the sun.

Additionally, it’s also an amazing way to burn some calories without sweating so much as compared to doing other exercises. Creating summer memories while taking a step towards your fitness goals — that’s what we call hitting two birds with one stone!

Before you excitedly take a dive in the pool or drag your besties for an awesome beach day, you first need to have the right gear with you. Make sure to dress for the occasion and get your swimsuit ready.

You can never go wrong with the Women’s One-Piece Swimsuit from Bench with its adorable summer print that fits well with the season while its Polyester Elastane material exudes breathability like no other. It also has a one-sided off-shoulder design to allow you to move more freely as you plunge into the pool.

What’s stopping you? Call your friends and get the pool party started!

Make sure to have your window blinds down when the sun is at its peak

Summertime is when our window blinds get to shine. Trust us, this home decor is more than just an addition to your home aesthetic. Rather, it serves the amazing purpose of blocking the sun’s UV rays to enter our homes.

When you’re spending your summer day indoors, it’s best to make use of your window blinds to limit your sun exposure and avoid any health risks accompanied by it. Although it is often forgotten and neglected, it’s beneficial in pushing for greater insulation in your home, so take advantage of your window blinds this season.

In the event that you don’t have one set up yet, visit Legant Home Decor Trading, and they’ll gladly assist you with your needs. They supply premium window blinds that will last the test of time, so investing in their decors is a win. Also, they have a wide variety of designs and sizes, so you’ll certainly find the best one for your home.

Keep your skin’s glow by applying sunscreen

Unless you plan to stay indoors until summertime is over, getting some sun exposure is inevitable.

The UV rays of the sun can be harmful to your skin, especially when you have frequent exposures to it, which brings about premature aging and worst, skin cancer. That’s why it’s essential to come up and stick to a skincare routine during this season when we’re more frequently under the sun.

Our skincare routine can be composed of a lot of different products depending on the condition and the sensitivity of our skin, but one thing’s for sure — a good quality sunscreen must always be on the list no matter what. Try to incorporate the ANESSA Perfect UV Sunscreen Skincare Milk on your skincare set which you can purchase from any Watsons outlet.

With SPF50+/PA++++, this waterproof sunscreen guards your skin from various external triggers such as humidity, sweat, and heat. Its UV-blocking film strengthens as it comes in contact with external triggers, so you won’t have to worry about your skin when you’re out doing physical and athletic activities.

Furthermore, this sunscreen is smooth on the skin to the point that you won’t even feel as if your face has anything on it in the first place which makes it perfect for everyday use. Put a premium on looking radiant and less haggard when dealing with the summer heat. Don’t forget to give your skin some TLC as you brave the hot temperature.

Breeze through the heat with Acer Pure Cozy F1

What’s your favorite number in the electric fan? When it’s getting hot and the sweat starts to make us uncomfortable, one of the first few things that we opt to do is to turn on the fan and maybe even put our face right in front of it.

It’s a given that we cope with the dry weather by bringing more air in and cooling down (literally) which is why having a few fans in our homes is heaven-sent. By blowing away the hot air in our room and replacing it with coolness depending on the chosen level of airspeed, the summertime gets a bit more bearable by the day.

On the lookout for a reliable fan that won’t let us down in times of need (AKA during this summer season)? The Acer Pure Cozy F1 from Acer is here to save the day and keep you cool!

This electric fan is able to circulate air even up to 15 meters away while covering more than 108 sqm which definitely makes the cooler air more reachable. To top it off, it’s built with an energy-efficient DC Motor, paving the way for you to experience coldness without thinking too much about your electric bill at the end of the month!

The Acer Pure Cozy F1 is a sure lifesaver and is a must-have to conquer the heat!

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