Here’s What to Pack to Match Your Next Local Adventure


As we all know, traveling is more fun in the Philippines.

A glittering cityscape is always an awe-inspiring sight, but nothing beats taking in a landscape that only nature could have created. The fresh and unpolluted air and warm embrace of nature are just some of the things we look forward to when we press pause on the demands of city life.

If you’re planning your next group adventure and aren’t quite sure about what to pack, then you’re in the right place! Get to know the must-haves you must not forget to add to your luggage in order to maximize and match the adventure that awaits you in these specific local towns and tourist spots. Plus, take some photos, have lots of fun, and appreciate the wonders of the Philippines. Happy traveling!

Snorkeling gear for your beach trip to Aklan, Boracay

Boracay is a famous destination not only for its stunning white sand and the thrilling nightlife but also for its majestic and relaxing beaches. But while it’s best-known for its pristine beach and lively shopping and dining strip, the island also has a lot to offer when it comes to snorkeling.

Head over to Crocodile Island (yes, it’s shaped like a crocodile from the bird’s eye view!) to marvel at the wide variety of sea creatures you’ll be welcomed with. While snorkeling, you might just get the chance to see and swim with some sea lions, moray eels, snappers, and gorgonian fan corals! With its clear waters, no doubt that the deeper you go, the more marine life you’ll get to encounter. 

Pro tip: Pack your own snorkeling gear, so you won’t have to worry about making sure the equipment has been properly sanitized. Make sure that your snorkel has a soft mouthpiece and is watertight to ensure that no water will enter while you’re breathing underwater.

Your snorkel mask should be durable and anti-fog to clearly see aquatic life, and your pair of fins must be long, powerful, and lightweight to effortlessly move through the water. All of these are available at Chris Sports, so make your way down there before leaving for your trip!

Selfie stick for your group photos at Vigan, Ilocos Sur

At first glance, it cannot be denied that Vigan is such a picturesque city with preserved tourist spots and peaceful nightlife. Apart from taking pictures of every corner of Vigan, get a sense of the Hispanic era as you take a stroll down their historic streets.

Come to know significant stories of the past by exploring the Syquia Mansion Museum which is the charming house of President Elpidio Quirino’s wife and is filled with family heirlooms. Stop by the Vigan Cathedral to witness the statue of St. Paul and the captivating architecture that has stood the test of time and wars.

Of course, everyone knows that the destination to see here is Calle Crisologo, a heritage site that is filled with ancestral houses of Filipino and Filipino-Chinese traders. Discover remnants of the Spanish colonization period in the form of paintings and furniture.

It’s inevitable that you’ll be taking lots of pictures, so save yourself from those awkward unintentionally close-up shots by packing a selfie stick. Always have your handy HUAWEI Tripod Selfie Stick Pro from HUAWEI ready for any sudden selfies while sauntering and absorbing the stories that portray the roots of the city.

This remote-controlled selfie stick enables you to conveniently adjust your photos before taking a snap and easily shift from taking photos to capturing videos. After a couple of years, you’d reminisce and look back at your photos and you’d be glad you carried this selfie stick with you!

Hiking shoes for a long trek at Sagada, Baguio

Similar to the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Sagada has been a go-to place for the breezy sweater weather and a breathtaking sunrise. Popularly known for its hanging coffins, this town lets you into their unique burial traditions and allows you to gain a deeper understanding of their culture and beliefs.

Aside from that, what sets Sagada apart is that it embodies a lot of Baguio’s mountain province nature—encouraging you to hike to the top to closely see the puffy clouds surrounding the sun that is trying to peek its way to greet you with a good morning. 

If you’re on the lookout for a hike-worthy mountain in Sagada, you won’t regret choosing Kiltepan Viewpoint as it’s one of the best places to watch the sunrise in. The  magic happens when the sun’s rays appear slowly while the dawn fades and the white clouds magnificently surround the valleys and terraces of Sagada. Experience a sunrise like no otherat Kiltepan Viewpoint.

Trekking all the way to the top of a mountain to either secure a comfortable spot to relax or to take photos of the magnificent scenery requires you to have your own hiking shoes. The Terrex Agravic Flow 2 Trail Running Shoes from Adidas is a good pair that you should invest in.This lightweight pair provides an exceptional grip that will help prevent you from feeling the heat of the ground and from slipping due to the rain. Keep in mind that hiking with the right footwear is not primarily to put on a good adventure-seeking look, but it’s all about maximizing your hike to enjoy it more in the safest manner possible.

Wetsuit for your surfing adventure at San Juan, La Union

La Union is known as the Surfing Capital of the Northern Philippines because of the wondrous heights its waves can reach, averaging from 8 to 10 feet. Put Urbiztondo Beach as your first surfing spot in San Juan as it is adored for its welcoming surf culture and well-grounded surfing schools.

You don’t have to be a surfing professional or enthusiast to have fun here as there are instructors available to teach you the how-tos. Ride the clean waves of Urbiztondo Beach, and you might just pick up a new hobby that will make you visit La Union regularly.

If you’re looking to take a few surfing lessons, you’ll find the essential equipment you need at Urbiztondo Beach, so all you’ll really need to pack is your wetsuit. In search of reliable swimwear? Getting your hands on the Paper Cut Print Long Sleeve Paddle Suit from Speedo will definitely be worth your money. This one-piece swimsuit is perfect for surfing as it’s nothing but functional, allowing you to freely move your arms and legs on and off the surfboard.

Extra tote bag for your souvenir haul at Silay, Bacolod

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons we travel is to get a taste of local delicacies and of course, bring home some snacks and souvenirs.
One of the Philippines’ well-known spots for the best souvenir treats in town is Silay, Bacolod. Among their crowd-favorite delicacies is the sweet Piaya which means pressed pastry when translated literally. This flatbread stuffed with rich muscovado sugar will surely be a snack you’ll come back for as it satisfies your sweet tooth.

When looking for souvenir snacks, add the crispy wafer-rolled pastry, Barquillos, to your list as this is an addicting treat that can be eaten alone or paired with dessert. Also, don’t forget to bring home some flaky Napoleones glazed with sugar and filled with a generous serving of creamy custard goodness.

Make it a habit to always bring extra tote bags. You would never really know when you would need them, so it’s always better to be prepared! Our top pick: the Canvas Tote Bag from Uniqlo. Not only is it minimalist in design, but it’s also a spacious bag with lots of pockets inside perfect for all the treats you’re probably going to end up buying.

Whether you’re seeking an adventure or just want to recharge, think of your trips as your last adventure, and make it count. Before leaving your house, take a mental note to check if you’ve packed all your essentials and you’re good to go!

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