Need To Know Now: Rose Gold Stunners That Will Transport You Into Barbie’s World


Nothing adds a touch of last-minute elegance and whimsy to an ensemble like the best fine jewelry. You could be rocking a head-turning party dress, and a tasteful diamond pendant will still elevate the look, or you could be running errands on a weekend, and a gold bracelet or cuff will make your trip just a tad classier. 

The past few years have seen jewelers, even the established ones, adding a new crop of adornments that don’t feel intimidating to outsiders, especially to those who are starting on their fine jewelry journey—and this is a good thing. 

Today, brands are demystifying the process of shopping for diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals. And, this could only mean one thing: Anyone can now indulge in, say, solid gold pieces that serve to ‘individualize’ or invest in timeless staples for standing out from the pack. 

A place in your jewelry box

Hearts & Arrows is one such brand in the country that deserves a shiny spot in your collection. They’ve been bringing world-class jewelry pieces in different price points to the local market since 2003. 

They’re best known for their specialty-cut diamonds crafted with precision and made to showcase optical patterns of eight hearts and eight arrows, which you can see magnified through a loupe. 

‘You can be anything’

This year, the brand has collaborated with Mattel’s Barbie™ to create an inspired anthology that speaks of Barbie™’s age-old and universal message that “you can be anything” if you set your heart and mind to it.

The repertoire consists of everyday wearables meant to be a constant reminder of who and what Barbie™ was in your childhood and the encompassing influence of the iconic fashion doll has on your present self. Raise your hands if you’ve played with a Barbie™ doll or two (and her accessories!) when you were a kid!

Ultimately, the 11-piece 14-karat gold collection was crafted to empower uniqueness, instill positivity, bring back nostalgia, and express your own style. 

Barbie™ Ribbon Set

Be a real-life, breathing Barbie™ when you cop Hearts & Arrows’ Barbie™ Ribbon Set, which consists of three 14-karat rose gold pieces—a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a ring. All luxury pieces are stamped and hallmarked with “H&A 585” and trademarked with “©Mattel.” 

ICYDK—585 means 14 karats and indicates that the jewelry set is made of 58.5% pure gold. The rest of the pieces’ ingredients are then composed of other alloy metals to make the gold more resilient for everyday wear. Trivia: Gold is very malleable and soft, and pure gold at 24 karats (99.9%) is unsuitable for regular wear and use.

At P19,800, the dainty earrings come with a butterfly earlock that you can just push and pull for easy wear and a small round diamond (0.017CT) as a glittery accent. 

The necklace, at also P19,800, measures 18 inches with an adjustable chain and “B” charm. There’s also a round diamond sitting at the center of the bow clocking in at 0.008CT. 

The ring still carries a round diamond at 0.008CT as the focal point, set at the center of the ribbon, and goes from P18,800 to P23,800 depending on your ring size. Sizes range from 8 to 12.5 (18.2mm to 21.8mm). 

Hearts & Arrows’ Barbie™ collection is now available at all SM boutiques of Hearts & Arrows. All pieces are sparkly staples never worth retiring. And much like Barbie™, they’ll totally outlast trends and generations.