Bet You Didn’t Know: 6 Fun Facts That Make Your Valentine’s Day Gifts Extra Special


Love is in the air!

The 14th of February is a special day designated for everyone to celebrate and spread love all over the world. Wherever you’ll go, you’ll most likely see heart-shaped balloons, Valentine’s Day cards, and happy couples spending some quality time together on this day. It’s a good opportunity to let your partner feel loved and surprise them with a gift they won’t forget.

Of course, we should not simply give gifts for the sake of giving one. It’s important that we also put some thought into how we express our love, appreciation, and gratitude to the people closest to our hearts through our presents.

With that, we’re digging deeper into the origins and interesting symbolisms behind a few classic Valentine’s Day presents to shed light on how they came to be the sweet and meaningful gestures that they are.

Floriography suggests that red roses illustrate passion

Giving flowers to your better half has been a common practice for many, especially during special occasions as it symbolizes romance.

Tracing it back to the Victorian period, professing your fondness for others was not immediately accepted. Because of this, people made use of floriography, conveying their purest admiration to the apple of their eye while respecting the set etiquette and rules. In essence, floriography is a way of cryptological communication that utilizes an arrangement of blooms. Each type of flower has its own meaning, and understanding each one makes your gift a lot more thoughtful.

Red roses signify not only love but also passion. This type of blossom is historically associated with different goddesses — one of which was the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and her Roman counterpart, Venus.

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These fresh flowers that are arranged by hand will surely make your significant other’s day. Aside from this lovely bunch, you can also choose to include a box of chocolates to provide more sweetness, both literally and figuratively.

We have the gods to thank for bringing chocolates into our Heart’s Day traditions

A list of timeless Heart’s Day presents wouldn’t be complete without chocolates! Delving deeper into how people made it part of their own culture to express their love through chocolates involves various myths and beliefs.

One of those beliefs is that it was recognized as an aphrodisiac treat during the days of the Aztecs. At that time, cacao was also known to be a “gift from the gods” (well, don’t we all agree?), and that perception was carried over through the years, making it a tradition to give to your very own Valentine.

If the love of your life is not allergic to hazelnut, we can vouch for a box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates to exhibit your affection. With a hazelnut filling encapsulated in a wafer shell and coated with chocolate that’s not overly sweet, this confectionery will surely win the heart of your partner and make her crave another piece. This treat is also seen as a premium snack, perhaps destined to emulate chocolate’s title of being a “gift from the gods.”

Countless hugs are brought to you by teddy bears since 1902

Often perceived as a toy enjoyed by children, the irresistible cuteness of teddy bears definitely makes them a favorite even for those young at heart.

For a quick piece of trivia, Valentine’s Day-themed teddy bears entered the market in 1902 and have never left since then. Typically, these stuffed toys are designed to hold a heart, an “I love you” sign, red flowers, or just literally anything under the sun that depicts affection.

Since these stuffed teddy bears are known for their soft cuddliness, people often keep them as bedtime companions. That said, teddy bears personify hugs and bring forth warmth, especially when their loved ones or gift-givers are not around to give it themselves.

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St. Valentine himself wrote a handwritten letter to his lover

Who says that handwritten letters are not appreciated anymore? In an era where text and social media chats have dominated our lives, handwritten letters hold a special place in most people’s hearts.

There are lots of legends and tales surrounding where and how handing over love letters became a tradition on this significant day, but one in particular stands out. As the name of this day suggests, Valentine’s Day was coined after a martyr named Saint Valentine who was executed on February 14 and was honored by the Catholic Church.

While imprisoned, Valentine wrote a love letter to a girl he was tutoring and ended the message by calling her his “valentine.” Because of that, the greeting “from your Valentine” was created and was widely used by many admirers.

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Even people in the Middle Ages used perfume for a good dose of sensuality and attractiveness

Pleasant fragrances not only satisfy our sense of smell but also evoke memories and take attractiveness to the next level. Just like any other tangible present, perfumes can brighten up our mood, take us back to memory lane, and remind us of the person we spent our time with. It’s a great Valentine’s Day gift as it enables our loved ones to associate us with a certain scent that will uniquely be between us.

Apart from that, it is also closely tied to sensuality. Back in the Middle Ages, the connection between Heart’s Day and perfume was strengthened when it became a tradition to give certain fragrances to their partners. In effect, this boosts their confidence and even heightens their appeal.

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A piece of jewelry ultimately stands for eternal love

As a result of its undeniable value and exquisiteness, jewelry is the perfect physical embodiment of what love is all about — precious and long-lasting. Be it a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a bracelet, any kind of jewelry is perceived in high regard primarily because of its treasured materials and intricate manufacturing processes. Aside from that, it elevates and glams up a woman’s look.

More importantly, jewelry pieces are given as Valentine’s Day gifts because it stands the test of time. This signifies a love that does not see an end, a love that is committed to pushing through the ups, downs, and everything in between, and a love that transcends time. Trust us, nothing beats a sweet gesture compared to jewelry.

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Although all the aforementioned gifts are commonly given to your soulmate, know that showing your love to your family and friends on Heart’s Day is also a must. Go beyond romantic love and put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. Remember that expressing your sincerest feelings towards others should not be limited to the 14th of February only. Make sure to let them feel your love as much as you can, regardless of what day it is.

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