Heads Up, Students! Here’s How You Can Get Your Milk Tea Fix at 20% Discount


You’ve made it. The pandemic has left you unscathed. Yay! And now, you’re getting ready to get back out in the outside world for IRL experiences. For students, teachers, and school staff, this means emerging from their homes for face-to-face classes. 

We know it’s a bit unnerving to shift from distance learning to an actual, physical class setup—online classes have been the norm for the past two years. Don’t worry though. There are good stuff out there to make the transition easier and smoother. 

Until the end of the month, Baa Baa Thai Tea’s offering a 20% discount on all their drinks for students, faculty, and school staff—this includes your school’s dedicated security staff, utilities, and administrative office members. What a treat, right? 

This is Baa Baa Thai Tea’s own little (and sweet) way of saluting your efforts as you bravely transition back to face-to-face learning. Think of this as a little something to reward yourself for a job well done—just getting back out there is an accomplishment already in itself. 

What to order

There are actually nine series of drinks from Baa Baa Thai Tea’s extensive menu, and they’re really pocket-friendly (your school baon will do!). But we figured we’ll give four recommendations for you to try (if you haven’t sipped on them already). 

Roasted Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

This boba drink has now become a classic when it was first introduced here in the country. This decadent variant consists of Baa Baa’s signature black tea infused with creamer and a rich, roasted brown sugar sauce with lots of tapioca pearls. Since this is already decidedly sweet, you can choose to adjust your sugar levels (0%, 30%, 70%, and 100%) depending on your preference. This is perfect for when you just want something uncomplicated that hits the sweet spot. 

Blueberry Cheesecake Milk Tea