Good Food, Good Friends, Good Times: 7 Best Barkada Meals For You and Your Forever Pals


The age-old saying “birds of a feather flock together” means people with similar personalities or interests tend to get along well, which you can probably prove with your friend group. Whether it’s a shared passion for K-pop or the same childhood experiences, your similarities provide a common ground that helps your friendship bloom and have stronger bonds.

But no matter how similar your barkada’s interests are, you and your friends will always have something that makes you unique and different from each other. It may be your taste in fashion, your frequency of replying to the group chat, or even your favorite kinds of food. Although you may have these differences, one thing will always be the same: your love for your friends.

With International Friendship Day just around the corner, the SM Malls Online app is here to help you celebrate good times with your friends through buy one, get one food deals and discounted meals from July 28 to 31. To cater to your friends’ tastes—no matter how similar or different, take your pick from the app’s diverse selection of food combos for your next barkada hangout. Check out these food bundle deals and discounts exclusive to the SM Malls Online app only, and use the voucher code 2orMOREBINGE to get P100 off any order worth at least P1,000!

For your fave pals since childhood: Popeyes

Reminisce on your childhood memories and catch up on your and your friends’ latest happenings together over a classic favorite you’ve enjoyed since you were kids: fried chicken! Perfect for leveling up the nostalgia on your BFF’s next gathering, Popeyes’ 8-pc. Bundle B features eight pieces of the restaurant’s crunchy and tasty Bonafide Chicken. This timeless treat is marinated for 12 hours in Louisiana spices, hand-battered, and fried fresh for a classic Southern-style flavor that will remind you of after-school hangouts or post-playdate lunches with your friends. 

Popeyes’ 8-pc. Bundle B also comes with four servings of rice, four heart biscuits, and four regular soft drinks for a completely filling meal. It’s currently available at 30% off for only P661.50 (originally P945) at Popeyes in SM Southmall, SM City North Edsa, SM City Fairview, SM City Sucat, SM Mall of Asia, SM City San Lazaro, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, and SM City Grand Central. This 30% off promo is also available on other selected items from Popeyes thru the SM Malls Online app until July 31.

For friends thru thick and thin: Zark’s Burger

Friends who will be there for you even through the messiest times are real keepers, and they’re also the best people to enjoy Zark’s Burgers’ loaded meals with! To celebrate such an unwavering friendship, order a big burger that’s perfect for your friends with a big heart—like Zark’s Ultimate Burger. Bite into a combo of 1/4 lb patty, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, mushroom, and cheese sauce with this hearty treat, which you can get with other Zark’s Burgers bestsellers through the SM Malls Online Exclusive Craving Bundle.

The bundle also includes Zark’s Boneless Fried Chicken With Rice, a crispy and tasty dish that’s deep-fried to perfection and hand-tossed with signature Zark’s sauces. It also has one serving of Chicken Mac and Cheese, which features cheesy macaroni topped with crispy fried chicken breast and sprinkled with parsley. Completing the combo are three 16oz Iced Teas, a refreshing drink for you and your friends to enjoy while chatting.

Order the SM Malls Online Exclusive Craving Bundle for only P499 (originally P754) at Zark’s Burgers in SM Megamall, SM City North Edsa, SM City Fairview, SM Mall of Asia, SM Southmall, SM City San Lazaro, SM City Bacoor, SM City Dasmariñas, and SM City Grand Central. This promo is available from July 16 to July 31 only, so don’t miss it!

For besties who love making plans: Wendy’s

Scheduling every barkada catch-up is easy with friends who love making (and actually following) plans. With your besties who keep their calendars organized and never arrive late, there’s no need to rush or skip entries on your group’s to-do list—like starting the day with an appetizer like Wendy’s Macaroni Salad Platter before heading to a full-course meal.

Wendy’s Macaroni Salad Platter presents a delightful combination of macaroni, cucumber, tomato, carrots, jello, and grated cheese served in a bed of lettuce and drizzled with a thousand island dressing. You can get it bundled with one Litro Iced Tea for only P245, which is 20% less than its original price of P306. 

Enjoy this promo on the Macaroni Salad Platter & Litro Iced Tea Bundle at Wendy’s in SM City Fairview, SM Megamall, SM City North Edsa, SM Mall of Asia, SM City Dasmariñas, SM City Marikina, and SM City San Lazaro from July 6 to July 31 at the SM Malls Online app.

For BFFs with the latest *tea*: The Alley It’s Time for Tea

Whether you have *that one friend* bringing all the juiciest stories or everyone pitching in a hot topic, spilling the tea is a typical (and probably also your favorite) way of spicing up conversations during BFF hangouts. To keep you and your friends refreshed while matching the mood, have a sweet sip of best-selling milk teas from The Alley It's Time for Tea. We highly recommend their Brown Sugar Deerioca Crème Brulee Milk, which combines warm brown sugar boba, chunks of Creme Brûlée pudding, and fresh milk to create rich flavors and textures for you and your friends to indulge in. 

Get the Brown Sugar Deerioca Crème Brulee Milk on a buy three, take one deal for only P465—offering huge savings from its original cost of P620—at The Alley It's Time for Tea in SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM City North Edsa, and SM City Fairview until July 31. This buy three, take one promo is available on The Alley It's Time for Tea’s Best Sellers, so order now!

For your ultimate travel buddies: Khao Khai

No need to bring passports on your next international food trip with your constant travel buddies, because the SM Malls Online app is here to bring dishes from different cuisines around the world straight to your doorstep! One of our top picks is Khao Khai’s Phat Mama, which will transport your and your besties’ tastebuds to Thailand. 

Phat Mama features a simple but filling mix of stir-fried instant ramen noodles, pork, veggies, and spices. Its unique texture and flavor are part of what makes it a popular dish among Thai college students, and we guarantee that every bite of this noodle dish will make you feel like you’re in the Land of Smiles itself. 

Enjoy 30% off selected dishes at Khao Khai in SM Mall of Asia and SM City Fairview, including the Phat Mama which you can score for only P223 (originally P319) at the SM Malls Online app. This promo is available until July 31 only, so place your orders now!

For besties who help you fly high: OMG Pizza

There’s nothing more fitting as a treat to your friends who help you spread your wings and chase your dreams than a plate of lip-smacking chicken wings. Italian restaurant OMG Pizza’s chicken wings deliver the classic “crispy on the outside, but tender on the inside” combination—and it also comes in three delicious flavors for you and your friends to choose from.

Available in Salted Egg, Garlic Parmesan, or Classic Buffalo flavors, you can order OMG Pizza’s Chicken Wings at 30% off for only P393.40 (from an original price of P562) at SM City North Edsa via the SM Malls Online app until July 31. Whether you’re ordering just one or all three flavors, these crunchy and tasty chicken wings are an excellent treat to enjoy while your friendship reaches new heights!

For your sweetest soul mate: Doughmain