Great Gift Ideas Under P500 for Everyone in Your Family


In times when Christmas shopping on a tight budget can be a little tricky, always keep this iconic gift-giving mantra in mind: it’s the thought that counts. A no-fail way to make inexpensive gifts special and meaningful for your loved ones is to tailor them based on their personalities and needs. Doing this sends them heartwarming messages like “I noticed you enjoyed things like this” and “This thing immediately reminded me of you” which signals the personal effort, care, and consideration that you put into selecting Christmas gifts. Plus, it also ensures that your loved ones will like and use your gifts—making it a practical purchase that gives you value for your money.

If you’re on the lookout for functional and budget-friendly Christmas gifts based on what your loved ones do and enjoy, here are some awesome suggestions under P500 that you should consider.

For your stylish but practical mom

A perfect balance of comfort, style, and functionality is something moms would highly appreciate in any fashion item—and for footwear, slip-on sandals are one of your best picks for this. It’s versatile and easy to pair with any outfit for any event, like a casual T-shirt-and-jeans combo for quick grocery runs or elegant dresses for your mom’s brunch meet-ups with her friends. 

For something eye-catching or capable of effortlessly giving your mom’s outfits a pop of color, go for a pair of Parisian Women's Candy Slip-ons in Jazzberry Jam. These tonal one-band slip-on sandals are made from synthetic leather upper, which makes them lightweight and durable. This material is also long-lasting and easy to clean, which is perfect if you’re looking for a gift that can be used regularly. Plus, your mom will surely appreciate how its flat round-toe design can showcase her freshly-pedicured nails

From the original price of P799, you can now get the Parisian Women's Candy Slip-ons in Jazzberry Jam at 38% off for only P499. 

For your dad who’s always prepared

Dads always have just the right thing at the right time, even during emergencies. If he doesn’t have a specific Christmas gift on his wishlist, you can opt for practical tools that he can include in his collection. One of the nifty gifts he’d appreciate is the Akari Rechargeable LED Fan with Light, which is powered by a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery for long-lasting use. After fully charging this device for 8 hours, he can enjoy using its fan for 2 hours on high speed, 2.5 hours on medium speed, and 3.5 hours on low speed. Its 6500K Daylight LED can also last for up to 20 hours, proving its convenience and efficiency as a 2-in-1 device.

The Akari Rechargeable LED Fan with Light  ARF-8008 8” Purple is currently available at half the price for only P499 (from the original price of P999).

For your sibling who needs an eyewear upgrade

Have you noticed your sibling’s foggy glasses dilemma whenever they eat soup or drink warm beverages? Or have they mentioned wanting to switch from eyeglasses to a different type of eyewear? It might be a good idea to get them a set of disposable contact lenses for Christmas. The Antepara Colored Contact Lenses are a beginner-friendly pick because they’re soft and already immersed in an isotonic saline solution which is used for rinsing off lenses before they can be worn. These lenses also come in an Artic Gray color, which is perfect if you have a sis who wants to make a subtle change to their look.

Cool bonus: The lenses are on a buy-one-get-one deal right now so you get two Antepara Colored Contact Lenses (Artic Gray) for the price of one at only P495 (from an original price of P990).

For your grandparents who enjoy the fresh air

Living in the city can make your gramps and gran miss the fresh air they enjoyed in the past, but having a humidifier at home could bring them back to the days of yore. Aside from freshening the air, the Surplus Freshair Glossy Ultrasonic Humidifier also has numerous health benefits. By adding moisture to the air, it helps prevent dryness in the skin, nose, throat, and lips. It can also ease symptoms caused by flu and common colds, as well as helping relieve nasal congestion, allergy, and asthma symptoms. 

This touch-sensitive humidifier with four color-changing lights can also reduce snoring and promote restful sleep–something your gran might appreciate if gramps isn’t a quiet sleeper! From an original price of P999.75, you can get the Surplus Freshair Glossy Ultrasonic Humidifier 300mL (Brown) at 50% off for only P499.75 right now.

For the teens who need lots of sleep

ICYDK, teenagers need at least 8 to 10 hours of quality sleep every day. If you have a younger sis who’s unable to meet this daily requirement, they’re likely to end up cranky, besides being more vulnerable to illness. Time to take matters into your own hands with an effective—but cute!—way to help them get quality shut-eye. 

Miniso’s Rabbit-shaped Eye Mask is made of top-quality materials and has a wider and deeper design than most eye masks, putting no pressure on the eyes and even allowing your sib to blink freely until they fall asleep.

Score the Miniso Rabbit-shaped Eye Mask now on a buy one, get one deal for only P119 (from the original price of P238).

For kids who love the outdoors 

Here’s a Christmas gift perfect for any adventurous kid’s health and safety: a reliable hand sanitizer like Messy Bessy’s The Little Warrior in Chamomile. This non-toxic sanitizer cleans and fights bacteria without harming skin, which makes it a great alternative to harsh, synthetic cleaners. Not only that, the Little Warrior Chamomile also has a mild and soothing scent that helps reduce stress and fatigue.

Stock up on stocking stuffers for Christmas with The Little Warrior Chamomile 505ml from Messy Bessy, which you can get right now for only P276.50. That’s 30% off its original price of P395!

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