Slay Your Gaming Experience With These PC Peripherals


If you’re anything like us, we bet you’ve spent most of your gaming life committed to the console experience. However, if you’re starting to invest in a proper PC gaming rig or looking to add to your existing build, there’s a ton of options for accessories and peripherals that can make your desktop gaming even more immersive.  

Unlike graphics cards, processors, motherboards, or other gaming components that get more powerful and expensive over time, peripherals follow no obvious blueprint, but their markers focus on value, innovation, and trends. This means you can totally get the most out of your upgraded gear for longer.

To get your basics dialed in, we’ve gathered three best gaming peripherals for your choosing. Our picks are all designed to help you eke maximum enjoyment out of your triple-A video titles. 

Marvo KG917 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 

A good gaming keyboard can make all the difference in your gameplay experience. Some important things to consider when shopping for this peripheral are latency (how responsive your keyboard is), switch types (the feeling and sound of key presses), and overall comfort and feel. 

A mechanical keyboard such as the KG917 from Marvo can be your starting point. Why mechanical though? They’re slightly more expensive than traditional ones but they’re better for gaming because they offer faster response times, durability, and tons of customization. 

At 20% off from Microvalley, the KG917 features mechanical blue switches for tactile and click feedback, rainbow backlights with 20 lighting schemes through 107 LEDs, dedicated media keys and a volume wheel that let you play, pause, and skip multimedia right from the keyboard, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. 

The KG917’s keys are made to last a lifetime backed by 50 million keystroke tests and also support N-Key Rollover that allows you to click multiple keys.

Marvo HG8935 USB 2.0 Stereo Gaming Headset

A gaming headset’s probably one of the most surprising upgrades you can make to your PC rig. The impact of having good audio can make your experience more immersive and a treat to the ears. Just imagine surrounding yourself with a detailed and clear soundscape while exploring open worlds, battling bosses, or amidst gunfire. 

Ground yourself in your gaming world when you cop the Marvo HG8935 USB 2.0 Stereo Gaming Headset at 20% off from Microvalley. 

The HG8935 boasts of powerful 50mm audio drivers for crisp sound, deep bass, and thick trebles, 16.8 million color effects delivering an illuminated RGB display for extra atmosphere, 360-degree stereo sound, omnidirectional mic for crystal-clear communication when you hustle and strategize with your teammates. 

Hytac HGS561 LED Illuminated Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse with fast response times, a precise sensor, and pretty lights can be a worthwhile upgrade over your ol’ regular mouse. 

At only P495, the Hytac HGS561 LED Illuminated Gaming Mouse from Octagon’s equipped with high-precision sensors with multiple DPIs or dots per linear inch (800, 1200, 1600, 2400), and back and forward thumb buttons all packed in a 30-gram lightweight chassis. 

The wired Hytac HGS561 fits most hand sizes and grip styles for ultimate comfort. We also love the LED lights giving a fancy-looking glow.

Trust us, you’ll enjoy wielding these peripherals in your competitive hands. They won’t magically transform you into a pro gamer, but they will undoubtedly make you look the part. 

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