From Treats To Toys, You Can Score These Deals On Pet Essentials With Same-day Delivery


Fur babies: They’re our sweet pals and cuddly best friends—and our homes (and lives) wouldn’t be the same without them. Since they’re members of the family, they deserve all the TLC we can give in the world—and a lot of thought goes into what we spoil them with. What fun is being a dog or cat parent without shopping a bit?

And if you’re just welcoming a four-legged friend into your abode, making a beeline for the pet supplies store should be your first order of business. Luckily, you won’t have to, since you can just order everything you need from the comforts of your own home right to your doggie or kitty door—with just a few taps. Problem solved!

So, whether you’re looking for a fun gift or training accessory or shopping for a healthy treat, here are our top picks for your adorable little nugget or gentle giant. Best part? You can get everything delivered on the same day, and they’re all on sale until February 13. 

Pet Express Speech Button Solo Pack

If you’re following speech therapist Christina Hunger and her four-year-old dog Stella on their socials, you’d know that it’s possible to hear your fur babies talk via nifty speech buttons. Get cracking with a solo pack that’s 28% off right now—only P250 from P349. 

The speech button can be recordable with starter words “food,” “water,” “play,” or “potty.” All you’ve to do is to press a button onto which a word or sound has already been recorded, and your fur baby can learn to “speak” and communicate in simple phrases, letting you know what they need or want to do. Pro-tip: Introduce one word at a time and encourage regular button use with positive reinforcement aka high-value treats and praises. 

Pet Pals Pet Collapsible Play Pool in Teal

For frolicking around and cooling down especially during warmer months, a foldable pet pool is a must. If you’ve the space, we suggest getting this 120x30cm version in teal that’s 20% less at the moment (now P1,600 instead of P1,999). 

Super portable, this collapsible pool doesn’t require inflation. Simply unfold and fill—and there’s a side drain that allows for easy drainage. It’s also slip-resistant and made with durable PVC material and a high-density fiberboard that’s scratch-resistant, too. Although marketed as a pet pool, this one can also be set up as a grooming station, whelping box, sandbox, or even a kiddie pool. Love!

Pet Pals Sprinkler Fun Mat 130cm

If a collapsible pool isn’t enough, spoil your doggo with a sprinkler mat that self-dispenses water up to one meter high. At 37% off (now P750, before P1,199), this mat’s perfect for playtime and cooling relief for your pooch on hot, summer days. 

Apart from the sprinkler mat, this set also includes a water pip connector, quick connector, and repair patch. Mount in your backyard or garden for loads of fun. 

Pet Pals Always Cool Dog Mat for Large Breeds 90x60cm

Do you have a Siberian Husky, Samoyed, or an Alaskan Malamute lounging in your home? Although they can regulate their body temp even in a warmer climate like ours, these double-coated cuties still need extra soothing comfort on sweltering days. Help them cool down with a special pressure-activated cooling mat that provides cooling relief for three to four hours.

The “Always Cool” technology on this mat works without the need to freeze or chill, and automatically recharges if left unused for a short period of time. Just let your fur baby lay on the pad and watch them melt and relax. Place it on the floor, crate, or pet bed, and you’re all set. You can also tote this around whenever and wherever sans the prep. Shop this cool accessory at 32%, from P1,399 to P950.

Pedigree Puppy Beef Egg Loaf with Vegetables Wet Dog Food 80g

Your pup needs all the nutrition he or she can get at an early age. Start with a balanced recipe like this Beef Egg Loaf with Vegetables wet food from trusted pet brand, Pedigree®. Developed with UK-based nutritionist WALTHAM™, a world's leading authority in pet care and nutrition, each Pedigree® food pouch contains complete nutrition with antioxidants to support your pup’s healthy immune system. 

This one’s particularly good for skin health, making your dog’s coat shiny, and good for digestion, too. Plus, it’s helpful for muscle development. Get a pack at 10% off—from P29 to only P26. 

Ciao Churu Chicken Fillet Seafood Green Tea Cat Treats (Singles) 14g

Fortified with green tea that helps reduce cholesterol and blood sugar levels while also providing oral support for healthier teeth and gums, these yummy treats are perfect for all your feline friend’s life stages. 

They’re also crafted with vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant that may alleviate debilitating conditions such as arthritis and allergies. Stock up on these healthy cat sticks, as each 14-gram pack is on a 10% discount and only costs P27 (before P29.75). 

MaxiCoat Small Breed Dietary Supplement 12s

With this dietary supplement in tow, you’ll be able to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Ideal for small dog breeds (less than 10kgs), MaxiCoat works to improve hair condition and thicken your pooch’s coat within 30 days of regular use. 

Add this to your pup’s diet to increase vitality and alertness, relieve constipation, and enhance good bacteria formation in the gut—yup, it’s a prebiotic and probiotic, too! A single pack of 12 tabs is 10% off and will only ring you P45 instead of its original sticker price of P49.75

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