Life Hack: How You Can Enjoy Good Food All Year Round Without Spending Too Much


How much budget do you allot for food? With the rising costs of ingredients lately, it’s getting harder to enjoy delicious meals without burning a hole in your wallet or sacrificing a part of your daily savings in exchange. But does this mean that all hope is lost for anyone who wants tasty but budget-friendly food? The answer is no. 

To help you curb your cravings without spending too much, we’re sharing with you our latest ultimate life hack: discount vouchers that you can use all year round! Check them out below, together with the variety of yummy food and drinks that you can use them with.

Delicious lunch treats with 2orMOREEATS

It’s time for lunch break! There’s no need to wait for payday if you want to treat yourself to a delicious meal. Just make sure to use the voucher code 2orMOREEATS for a P100 discount on orders worth at least P500 from your favorite restaurants.

Need some recommendations? Here are excellent lunch treats from Wing Zone and Paper Moon Café that you can use this voucher on.

Classic Wings from Wing Zone

Whether your tastebuds are looking for something savory or extra spicy, there are Wing Zone flavors fuzed into mouthwatering buffalo wings that will surely satisfy your lunchtime cravings. For the entire month of January, you can already enjoy these flavor-packed Classic Wings (6 pcs and 12 pcs) from Wing Zone at a budget-friendly price of P370.30. That’s 30% off its original price of P529!

Milk tea from Paper Moon Café

What’s a delicious drink that you can pair with Wing Zone’s Classic Wings to quench your thirst? We recommend the sweet, creamy, and refreshing milk tea from Paper Moon Café! The famous Tokyo pastry shop offers a premium blend of fresh tea leaves and tapioca pearls in this exquisite drink that brings dessert-like goodness to every sip. Score two cups of Paper Moon Café’s Milk Tea for only P155 with its buy one, get one deal for January. That’s a lot of savings from its original price of P310! 

Tasty meals for sharing with 2orMOREBINGE

Treat your loved ones to a special and delicious meal without worrying about an expensive bill. With a P200 discount on orders worth at least P1,000, the voucher code 2orMOREBINGE lets you enjoy more savings on good food from several restaurants and coffee shops—including Tenya, Paper Moon Café, and MadCafé. 

Check out our menu picks below.

Asakusa Special Tendon from Tenya

Enjoy a delicious combination of black tiger prawns, green beans, and Japanese rice in one bowl with one of Tenya’s best-selling tendon dishes—the Asakusa Special Tendon! From an original price of P790, you can get Tenya’s Asakusa Special Tendon on a buy one, get one deal for only P395 during the entire month of January.

Pork Ribs from Rackshack

Preparing a dinner for two? Get a double order of Rackshack’s signature Pork Ribs Single, which comes with rice and special sauce blends of your choice. These savory pork ribs are slow-cooked until they’re tender and smoky, resulting in a flavorful and fall-off-the-bone treat.

This January, you can enjoy two servings of Rackshack’s Pork Ribs Single for the price of one with its buy one, get one promo. Order Rackhack’s Pork Ribs single now for only P135—and save half of the cost from its original price of P270.

Creamy Carbonara and Cheesecake Milk Tea from MadCafé

Another filling meal you can order right now is MadCafé’s Creamy Carbonara, which is sauteed with bacon, onions, and mushrooms to unlock its full flavor. This pasta treat, which features heaps of delectable and creamy white sauce, makes an excellent match with the local café’s Cheesecake Milk Tea—which is exactly like New York Cheesecake in milktea form.

For the entire month of January, you can buy one Creamy Carbonara and get a free Cheesecake Milk Tea (Large) for only P180 (from an original price of P360) at MadCafé.

For your beverage breaks with 2orMOREFREEDELIVERY

Need a refreshing drink to help you beat the heat? How about a nice cup of joe to enjoy on your coffee break? When ordering your favorite beverages, don’t forget to use the voucher code 2orMOREFREEDELIVERY upon checkout to enjoy free shipping on your purchase. Take note that this voucher code is available only for orders worth at least P300. Check out our recommended drinks below.

Drinks from Barista Coffee Beans

Breeze through your daily tasks with a much-needed energy boost from Barista Coffee Beans’ refreshing drinks. Take your pick from the local specialty coffee shop’s iced blends or classic hot coffee drinks that are professionally curated by coffee experts. One of our highly recommended beverages on their menu is the Sapporo drink, a special matcha drink that is lactose-free and organic. As a nutritional bonus, it is also high in protein and rich in fiber.

Score a buy one, get one deal on selected drinks at Barista Coffee Beans. From an original price of P360, their refreshing beverages are available for only P180 during the whole month of January—so don’t miss this deal!

Mango Fruit Tea from Classic Savory

Stay chill while working or doing homework with a fantastic tropical treat like Classic Savory’s Mango Fruit Tea. This refreshing sweetened iced tea contains mango pudding cubes and fresh mango fruit bits for extra texture and flavor that helps make every sip feel cooling and energizing. Instead of P238, you can get two cups of Mango Fruit Tea for only P119 with Classic Savory’s buy one, get one promo from January 14 to 31.

All of these voucher codes are valid all year round for food and beverage orders, so don’t forget to use them for more savings on delicious food from your favorite restaurants. Simply place your order through the SM Malls Online app and apply these codes upon checkout. 

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