A Fur-Parent's Starter Kit: Everything You Need For Your New Furry Friend


Thinking about bringing home (or adopting) a fuzzy, furry bundle of joy? Well, congratulations on becoming a paw-rent! You’re in for a rewarding, healthy life (yup, science actually backs this one!) filled with lots of fun and pleasure. 

As a first-time pet owner, though, it won’t always be rainbows and butterflies—you actually need to be prepared to spend for supplies, clean up messes, potty-train your pal, and handle pet care emergencies, among others. These are just part of being a fur-parent—it’s just like taking care of a kid and raising a child, albeit a canine or a feline one. 

With all these new responsibilities that come with the territory, one question remains: “Are you ready?” We’ve come to the rescue. Below, we’ve gathered a list of eight (8) basic essentials that can help you tackle being a first-time fur-parent head on. Another great news: You can conveniently spring for all these items via the SM Malls Online app. And to save an extra P100 on your single-receipt delivery order worth a minimum of P700, just use the voucher code LESS100 at checkout. 

The basics

Before your pup or kitten arrives, it’s best to have all the basic supplies ticked off and stored in your home—everything from food and collars to crates and training pads. 

A good place to start is having a snooze area your pal will retire to after playtime and socialization or for bedtime. A crate will work wonders, especially if you’re still training your pet to learn his or her boundaries in the house, but if you want something comfier, get the Pet Pals Rectangular Calming Bed (Peach) via the SM Malls Online app for only P599.20 (from P699). This one’s protective enough to help your pal feel calmer and more secure even when you’re not around. 

A potty-training space is non-negotiable. You’d want a training mat that’s durable enough to last countless potty sessions and with easy cleanup and/or upkeep while offering odor-resistance. Get the Puppy Potty Grass Trainer at P324 (before P499) via the SM Malls Online app. Ideal for patios or even just outside your room, this mat is made with faux grass that simulates an outdoor grassy area that dogs tend to pee on. This’ll allow your pup to get used to peeing in a dedicated space and avoid ‘accidents.’ 

Your feline friend, on the other hand, needs a high-quality cat litter that’s absorbent and deodorizing. Make sure to set up your cat’s litter box with the Catsan Ultra Odor Control Formula Cat Litter 10L, which you can get for only P409.75 via the SM Malls Online app. Cat litter’s an essential supply for all indoor cats because they use this instinctively to bury their pee and poo. This variant’s made from naturally occurring sodium bentonite, which is known for its ability to absorb moisture and enhance the clumping properties of cat litter. Very handy for cleaning spills and stink bombs! 

Grooming needs

We’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the saying, “A tired dog is a happy dog.” Well, that tired and happy dog can also be a dirty, stinky one. Our canine friends love roughing it out on grass, anything muddy or sandy—so bath and grooming products are a must. 

To keep your lovable dirt-magnet clean and fresh at least until his or her next bath, use the Saint Roche Heaven Scent Dog Soap 135g. Now only P596 from P745 via the SM Malls Online app, this premium scented soap’s gentle on the skin and coat that it can be a bathing and cleansing agent for pups, pregnant and nursing moms, and senior dogs. You’ll be glad to know that the Saint Roche brand will keep your dog smelling fresh for up to two weeks. Plus points that this blend is also free from harsh chemicals such as paragons, SLEs, and sulphates known to trigger allergic reactions, strip away natural oils from your dog’s coat, and stimulate hair loss. 

Aside from being dirt-magnets, dogs are also prone to ticks and fleas. These pesky insects can be a hygiene and health nuisance to your best pal, so it’s best to have something that’ll repel these bugs from living in your dog’s fur. Shop the Pampered Pooch Anti-Tick and Flea Dog Shampoo 1,000ml at P479 via the SM Malls Online app. This organic shampoo contains neem extract, a natural compound that acts a proven and safe pesticide. This is also ideally safe to use on cats—yay! But make sure to only bust out this option for when your pets turn six weeks. 

Got a wiry, long-haired pooch? Your pup will most likely need regular trims every four to six weeks or so. Going to a pro groomer can be quite costly, let’s be honest, so not having to go to grooming sessions at the vet’s or the groomer’s and doing the grooming yourself can save you some precious bucks. We suggest getting the Kennel Pro Rechargeable Pet Clipper with Accessories instead at only P454.35 (before P699) via the SM Malls Online app. This set comes with a pet clipper, cleaning brush, an oil bottle, a USB charging wire, four attachment guide combos, a stainless steel metal comb, trimming scissors, stainless steel nail clipper, and a nail file. Whew! That’s a lot—but they’re basically all the things you need for a cost-saving alternative.

Health hacks

Want to know the secret to becoming a ‘perfect’ fur-rent? Keeping your pets in tiptop shape—that means caring for their health (and happiness!) and making sure they’re given only the best (they’re your babies after all).

To keep your furry friend hydrated (in style), shop the Kennel Pro Pet Water Fountain for only P799.20 (from P999) via the SM Malls Online app. This tech-savvy hydration station that can carry 2.5 liters boasts a circulating water system that provides maximum oxygenation for fresher, healthier, and better-tasting H20 for your pets. Water that passes through this fountain’s four-stage filtration system comes out clean—sans the dust, hair, chlorine, and other heavy metals that might be present in your pal’s drinking water. It also comes with an intelligent pump that automatically turns off when water level’s low, essentially preventing the fountain from dry-running. 

Insurance policies can be a pain in the wallet (they’re necessary, of course, if you want your beloved pet to be covered for illnesses and emergencies), but one cost-saving, pro-tip to keep your furry friend protected is to shop for health supplements. By adding a spoonful of supplement to your pooch’s dinner, you’re giving him or her a much-needed top-up of vitamins and minerals for their long-term wellbeing. We recommend scooping up the Pfizer Pet Tabs Feed Supplement 60s via the SM Malls Online app for only P679. These meat-flavored pet tabs help correct nutritional deficiencies caused by poor diet or appetite and can crumble easily into your dog’s food for easy feeding. Or you can hide one in a treat! 

If you want to become an outstanding fur-parent or considering to be one, make sure you’re ready for a lifelong commitment. Bringing a four-legged friend home is no easy feat because, tbh, your dog or cat will be completely reliant on you. That said, if you’re 100% up to the task, the rewards will be a tenfold. A great place to start? By stocking up on the abovementioned pet supplies—they’ll make your life much easier and your pet’s, too!

Looking to add more to your pet arsenal? Download the SM Malls Online app on your smartphone to start shopping—use code LESS100 to save an extra P100 on your delivery orders worth P700. Make sure to check out SM Deals, too, for price drops and exclusive discounts you (and your pet) would want to hop on to!